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An EMS Firm Accelerates Coding & Processing Time by 4X

low-cost billing solution

Healthcare reform in the United States has led to burgeoning growth in ambulance and emergency medical services. However, the increase in business has also resulted in a need for stricter compliance protocols, especially within billing and claims.

For the EMS firm’s Coding Solution Project, Apexon was called in to deliver a low-cost billing solution that simplified the claims processing procedure, while maintaining compliance with existing medical codification at the federal level.

The challenge

3 key areas

While processing 5,000 ambulance trips on a daily basis, the client found it difficult to:

Processing Claims

Processing Claims Process a high volume of claims quickly, accurately, and at low-cost

Capture Patient Care Reports

Capture Patient Care Reports Develop a standardized format to capture patient care reports

Standardizing Format

Standardizing Format Manage costs since the current system of manual claims processing was labour-intensive and created a higher likelihood of costly errors

The Solution

3 key areas

Apexon’s EMS Coding Solution simplifies the medical coding process by determining the appropriate service codes using a machine algorithm, reducing errors that are introduced during traditional manual processing. Run on an AWS application server, this system allows us to:

Automate Claims Generation & Processing

Automate Claims Generation & Processing Use machine learning and advanced NLP to automate claims generation and processing

Processing Ambulatory Care Coding

Processing Ambulatory Care Coding Process all four aspects of ambulatory care coding – Medical Necessity, Priority, Level of Service, and ICD1O coding – with greater accuracy and over shorter time frames

Delivering Client Access

Delivering Client Access Deliver client access to the solution via an API-enabled, encrypted web application, that meets HIPAA compliance protocols