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Global Tech Giant Exponentially Increases Customer Reach with Cloud-based Apps

modernize user engagement with cloud-based applications

Gaining a competitive advantage in the technology business depends not only on operational efficiencies but also on the capability to evoke an emotional connection with the end user.

This Global Tech Giant wanted to connect directly with end consumers, expand reach across geographies, increase engagement, and drive end-user satisfaction. On the other hand, the customer also wanted to reduce roaming plans cost and enhance the guest experience for technology event attendees.

The challenge

4 key areas

A root cause analysis of the customer’s problems revealed the following challenges that needed immediate attention:

Increasing Costs

Increasing Costs Increasing costs of mobile roaming plans making it difficult to access catalogs

Poor Engagement

Poor Engagement Poor engagement with technology symposium guests

Digital Product Catalog

Digital Product Catalog Lack of a digital product catalog for end users

Lack of offline access

Offline Access Lack of offline access to product catalogs

The solution
3 key areas

Apexon developed three different applications that included:

Native cloud-based Catalog Apps

Native cloud-based Catalog Apps Building a native cloud-based Catalog App to run on iOS devices with the following features:

  • Multilingual support in English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and localization facility
  • Easy offline access to catalogs that can be cached on the mobile devices
  • Bookmark and annotation retention with selective page emailing

Roaming Mobile App

Roaming Mobile App Developing a roaming mobile app that would:

  • Allow users to geo-fence their location and enable/disable roaming plans with an alert mechanism
  • Help in implementing security guidelines for data encryption

React Native hybrid app

React Native hybrid app Building a React Native hybrid app for managing the technology symposiums with built-in features for:

  • Registration, schedule, location, directions, and feedback collection