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Comtech Rolls Out Sleek New Interface for Connected Cars

Comtech Telecommunications Corp. creates the products, systems and services that enable advanced communications capabilities in vehicles for a diverse global customer base.

Comtech recognized the increasing importance of the connected car in the marketplace. The company had all the backend pieces for the connected car (e.g., 3D map rendering and navigation engines, point-of-interest database with a generalized search interface, along with interfaces to ‘connected content), but were not integrated into a single application.

  • advanced communications systems for private and commercial vehicles

    Develops advanced communications systems for private and commercial vehicles

  • solutions for the connected car ecosystem

    Offers solutions for the “connected car” ecosystem, including providing critical pieces of connected car infrastructure to auto manufacturers and OEMs

new modern user interface development and integration

Apexon began working with Comtech in 2015. The goal was to develop a new modern user interface which integrated all of its different in-vehicle navigation components and made it easy to add new capabilities as they became available. The new integrated application has delivered on that goal and given Comtech a much better way to promote their connected car solution with automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers.

the Customer




  • App Development NDK App Scanning
  • Validation of 2000
    Android apps

  • C++/iOS Development
  • QT SDK and TCS Connect
  • Porting C++ to C
  • LoRa Demo
  • Data aggregator – Design Phase
  • Location Fix

  • SUPL Development
  • XADS Dev
  • Chat Bot Demo for MWC
  • Comtech – DLP
  • CDMA Telco Project
  • Cloud Infra Services

  • CDMA PDE Project

the Results

Key Outcomes

Competitive Advantage

Comtech now has a better way to promote their connected car solution with automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers making them more competitive


Comtech’s customers can get up and running with their prototype solutions in a matter of hours (instead of days or weeks)

New Revenue Opportunities
New Revenue

The new capabilities open up new service offerings for Comtech while also retaining the flexibility to customize features for different brands

Our methodology

we did it

Apexon works with companies across the digital lifecycle.

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Go Digital

Accelerating the delivery of new digital initiatives with confidence

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Be digital

Creating the infrastructure and foundation to scale digital initiatives

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Evolve Digital

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The challenge

Integrating into a single application and user interface

Comtech had all the elements for the connected car along with interfaces to “connected content,” but the company needed the parts to be integrated into a single application and user interface. In order to better demonstrate its technology to prospective customers, the company recognized the need to create a complete reference application. This would open up brand new revenue channels while enabling its customers to get their custom offerings to market faster.

The Solution

Developing a new modern user interface

Apexon worked with the Comtech team to develop a new modern user interface which integrated all its different in-vehicle navigation components.

Apexon handled all the UI and application design along with the development, test and QA, building on the Comtech SDK. The sleek, new UI centered around the touch-screen interface in the automobile and made it easy and intuitive for end-users to:

modern interface feature - search for places

Search for

modern interface feature - get location details

Get location

modern interface feature - pin location on map

Pin locations
on a map

modern interface feature - calculate multiple routing options

Calculate multiple routing options to the destination

modern interface feature - start a navigation session

Start a navigation

Comtech was able to offer the flexibility to customize the features for the different auto brands they sell to.

Every brand can have its own user interface and flow. Apexon also created a complete documentation package for Comtech that makes it easy for an automotive OEM or Tier 1 supplier to get started building and modifying the application and UI for themselves.

As the engagement continues, there are some additSearch for placesional features Apexon is working on including:

developed new services for connected cars

Developing new services which will link connected cars to connected families for tracking and safety.

Porting the Comtech solution onto the Genivi Demo Platform

Porting the Comtech solution onto the Genivi Demo Platform, an industry-standard development environment used by most automotive OEMs and manufacturers. This allows an OEM to quickly load the prototype application into a Genivi compliant vehicle and road test the technology in a matter of hours, greatly accelerating the sales cycle.