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Marketing Supply Chain Firm Migrates Processes to Drive Unprecedented Value

migrated the customer infrastructure and integrated applications

Marketing supply chain firms often deal with complex processes and short delivery time frames, especially when dealing with multiple market channels and steadily increasing customer demand.

This Marketing Supply Chain Firm works with some of the largest brands in the world, from big-box retailers to pharmaceutical companies, and needed to migrate from webMethods 9.7 to 9.12, while simultaneously developing new application integrations.

The challenge

3 key areas

The project posed several difficulties given the customer’s specific requirements and the short timeframe for project delivery:

Development Frameworks

WM 9.12 Environment Setting up the WM 9.12 environment in accordance with Software AG-defined best practices

Regression Impact

Regression Impact The regression impact from multiple application changes was resulting in lower quality results

Clustering & Caching Environments

Clustering & Caching Environments Building and setting up the environments for clustering and caching requirements

The Solution

3 key areas

Despite the challenges, Apexon specialists successfully implemented and integrated the new WM upgrade with a focus on:

Building out the relevant documentation

Documentation Building out the relevant documentation with a high degree of accuracy, and capturing the technical details of interfaces, mapping, test cases, release notes, and support guides

Creating a migration strategy

Migration Strategy Creating a migration strategy while designing, developing, testing, and supporting the integration solutions

Ideal Environment Planning

Ideal Environment Planning Suggesting the ideal environment planning with best practices and implementation in process