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Telecom Giant Cuts Reporting Response Time by 44%

Optimize infrastructure for telecome enterprise

Cut-throat competition and a rapid pace of technological change in the wireless services industry means that telecom enterprises need to continually optimize their infrastructure to maintain their competitive edge.

This Telecom company needed to improve reporting response times to accelerate their network optimization initiatives, help RF engineers analyze network performance, and reduce cost-to-customer for roaming services.

The challenge

2 key areas

The customer’s existing infrastructure used an index called the Roaming Reduction Factor to provide per-call-measurement data by pulling data from Netezza. However:

Reduced Growth

Lag in Data Capture There was a large amount of lag in terms of data capture on account of the system needing to extract and ingest information from multiple sources

Inadequate Engagement

Poor Response Performance Under-optimization of key data processing systems was leading to poor response performance across multiple key reports

The Solution

2 key areas

To accelerate the application response times, Apexon engineers deployed Loadrunner testing tool sets to gauge application performance and subsequently optimized the customer applications and infrastructure. This included:

Developing and testing a new solution to analyze roaming usage

Analyzing Roaming Usage Developing and testing a new solution to analyze roaming usage by market, switch, zip code, and sector

Optimizing network performance

Optimizing Network Performance Optimizing network performance to improve efficiency and boost coverage in high roaming areas