Transform your organization’s disparate data

Fact Sheet

Data Engineering for Agile Environments

data and cloud solutions

Agile environments demand a different approach to data

In today’s enterprise, data comes in all shapes and sizes. And most of it goes unused by the business.

high volume data sources

New high volume sources such as social, public, machine present new management challenges

Many departmental operations such as sales, payroll, HR, and marketing are now in the cloud

changing data format needs

Changing needs of different business units present new requirements; e.g., formats, data visualizations, persona-specific reporting, etc.

Apexon approach

A Comprehensive Approach to “Agile” Analytics

Apexon offers a holistic approach to data analytics that covers all the business, financial and technical drivers required to fully capitalize on your data resources.

comprehensive approach to agile analytics
Cloud devops
  • Full CI/CD
  • Ops visibility and control
Data science
  • Deterministic models – business rules
  • Predictive models – machine learning
  • Recommendation engines
Application services
  • Application/ visualization dev
  • APIs/ Gateways
  • Voice interface
  • 3rd party integrations
ETL services
  • Batch orientated
  • Micro-batch
  • True streaming (open socket)
  • Validation
Analytics/ aggregations
  • Mapping and transforms
  • Cleansing/ tagging
  • Streaming/ batch aggregations
Storage optimization
  • Hot/cold – tiered storage
  • Document/ search stores

aws consulting & advanced technology partner

Apexon is part of the Amazon Web Services Partner Network (APN) on both a consulting and technology basis.

We are able to leverage our expertise on the AWS platform to help customers take full advantage of all its capabilities and ensure a superb experience for their end-users.

APN Consulting partner
APN Consulting partner

APN Consulting partner

As an APN Consulting Partner, the Apexon professional data engineering services team has proven its ability to help customers of all sizes design, architect, build, migrate, and manage their workloads and applications on AWS.

APN technology partner

APN technology partner

APN technology partner

The Apexon QMetry suite is an Advanced Technology Partner that can be hosted on, or easily integrated with, the AWS platform to help manage testing processes, accelerate test automation, embrace open source, and leverage analytics for more actionable insights.

Putting Data Engineering to Work

Data Aggregation Platform

Data Aggregation Platform

  • Apexon enabled this location-services provider to support a multi-tenant data aggregation platform to provide a single view for provider-specific metrics
  • Provides real-time data aggregation from wide variety of dynamic data sources
  • On-premise or cloud deployment
  • Platform-agnostic approach enabled deployment across different cloud vendors
  • Developers can develop new data collectors and seamlessly integrate through CLI
  • Back up message storage to provide playback capabilities
  • Operational data collection for reporting and fault detection
Omni-Channel Data Analytics

Omni-Channel Data Analytics

  • Apexon assisted this payment services company by facilitating data analysis that assists its retail customers in minimizing how much they spend to acquire each new customer
  • Provide customer analytics for actionable business decisions. RFM Modeling (Recency, Frequency and Monitory Value) to identify loyal or at risk consumer for target marketing actions
  • Use data hubs for multiple merchants to mine data patterns to provide Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), analyze predictive behaviors for churn prevention and to develop the right offers for the right time
Digital Health Device Analytics

Digital Health Device Analytics

  • Apexon enabled a BLE Interface from patch and wearables to mobile companion for this digital health company
  • Provided Mobile Companion Application for care givers and patients
  • Facilitated rapid development and deployment using DevOps on AWS ecosystem
  • Created server-less architecture using AWS lambda and API gateways
  • Authentication and Message encryption using AWS CognitoEvent
  • Processing Pipeline at very high transactions rate
  • Micro batch analytics using Spark on EMR