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Future-ready field service for enterprises of tomorrow with no additional spend on annual CPQ product licenses, 25% accelerated time-to-value (from planning to go-live), and higher operating margins.

Field Service Accelerator

Digital field operations for superior CX and enhanced service levels

Field operations have evolved over the past several decades, keeping pace with changes in technology and evolving business challenges. However, such operations are plagued with issues such as difficulty gauging demand effectively, a lack of automation/digitization, and poor CX.

A plethora of disconnected touchpoints in the service lifecycle, coupled with poor working relationships between mobile/back-office teams and lack of processes, often results in multiple unnecessary site visits. Even today, work orders are created manually due to the lack of standardized task catalogs. Field technicians rely on manual and time-consuming ways for generating quotes requiring numerous interactions between various teams and stakeholders.

This has resulted in poor CX, as the customer must be present on multiple site visits, and they are forced to accept the loss of revenue while waiting for their non-functional equipment to be repaired.

Modern enterprise applications such as Salesforce can help alleviate these problems. According to McKinsey, recent technology advances in field operations have resulted in:

In addition, legacy field service applications are unable to cater to the demands of modern enterprises for:

  • Automated quotes and invoices for services and products onsite at client locations
  • Auto-generated work order completion customer signature via auto-generated email
  • Automated customer satisfaction surveys or follow-ups on additional services
  • Proactive asset management with the help of IoT and AI
  • Transparency in purchase orders or credit card processing
10-40% lower cost

10-40% lower cost

20-30% improved productivity

20-30% improved productivity

5-20% reduction in repeat visits

5-20% reduction in repeat visits

5-30% travel time reductions

5-30% travel time reductions

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Apexon Field Service Accelerator, Embrace the Coming Evolution of Field Services

Apexon’s pre-configured Field Service Accelerator based on Salesforce Field Service can transform field service operations and bring efficiencies to equipment repair and maintenance operations in various industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, logistics, energy and utilities, telecom, etc.

Here are some of the accelerator capabilities:

Flexible and customizable pricing

Empowers business users to manage resource rate cards and equips them with flexible and customizable pricing for dealing with business uncertainties

Enables generation of pre-work service quotes

Enables accelerated generation of pre-work service quotes at onsite locations with a few clicks

Seamless quote-to-cash process

Provides a seamless quote-to-cash process

Facilitates automated generation of invoices

Facilitates automated generation and easy sharing of invoices

Opens new revenue streams for enterprises

Opens new revenue streams for enterprises by allowing mobile workforce to upsell and cross sell offerings while executing work orders

Offers integration with 3rd party payment gateways

Offers integration with 3rd party payment gateways resulting in simplified payments


25% faster time-to-value

~25% faster time-to-value (from planning to go-live)

$0 – investment required

$0 – investment required to purchase additional CPQ product licenses

$25,000 savings in one-time implementation cost

~$25,000 savings in one-time implementation cost

Annual savings from optimized operations

Annual savings from optimized operations

Improved customer experience

Improved customer experience and loyalty resulting in additional revenue streams from upsell and cross-sell opportunities

Accelerated quote-to-cash process

Accelerated quote-to-cash process with simplified invoice generation, quote generation, and integration with payment gateways

Enhanced transparency with real-time insights on total cost

Enhanced transparency with real-time insights on total cost; internal vs external labor rates, actual vs list price on products, planned vs actual costs, etc.​