Enable an end-to-end guided patient journey for clinical trial patient engagement

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Advancements in healthcare will always be necessary to improve quality of life. Yet, clinical trials are riddled with complications that derail progress. Patients, physicians, and trial research associates all face challenges throughout the clinical trial process.

  • 30% of patients drop out, often because they don’t fully understand what they’re getting into
  • 40% of trials have difficulties with enrolment
  • 85% of trials fail to retain enough patients

Poor patient engagement results in patients dropping off in the middle of the trial. Poor enrolment and retention cause non-compliance, trial delays, and even failures at times, resulting in budget overruns. Research associates depend on disparate systems for trial management including spreadsheets, which impacts productivity, employee experience, and compliance adherence. Patients, physicians, and trial coordinators deserve something better.

Health Cloud’s core patient experience management capabilities

Accelerate Your Clinical Trial Management Practice

As a Crest level Salesforce implementation partner, Apexon can extend Health Cloud’s core patient experience management capabilities to offer an omni-channel, decentralized clinical trial accelerator for managing engagement between patients, providers, and trial coordinators. The ability to quickly launch and scale clinical trials with personalized patient experience helps improve adherence to protocols and increase the probability of success in finding breakthrough treatments. And with a well-defined security layer, the entire community of care can rest assured that sensitive information remains confidential.

Key Benefits

We enable an end-to-end guided patient journey from targeted campaigns to post participation support covering enrollment, onboarding, patient education, protocol adherence, wellness checks, adverse event monitoring and more with a complete audit trail of every interaction. Faster time to market, lower cost of ownership, improved recruitment, higher participation, and personalized patient experiences are possible with Infostretch’s Accelerator for Clinical Trial Patient Engagement and Operations Management, built on Salesforce Health Cloud.

Faster Time to Market
Faster Time to Market

Faster turnaround time from concept to go-live

Guided Patient Experience
Guided Patient Experience

Pre-defined journey throughout the entire trial cycle

Improved patient participation
More Engagement

Improved patient recruitment and education, resulting in more participation

Single System of Engagement
Single System of Engagement

Unified view for everyone: site coordinators, physicians, and trial participants

Zero additional license fees
Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Zero additional license fees

Innovative Salesforce implementation partner for clinical trial

A Winning Combination

Apexon is an innovative Salesforce implementation partner with rich domain expertise and multiple success stories.

We can enable user-centric decentralized clinical trials with Salesforce Lightning Scheduler for Care Program Management, 360° visibility to the care team, along with actionable insights. Leveraging the Salesforce Health Industry Solution Suite—Health Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Experience Cloud—Infostretch’s Clinical Trial Accelerator provides an enhanced experience for the entire community of care. Together, we are helping improve clinical trial patient engagement and build a better quality of life for all.