Testing the connection and performance between human vitals and wearable biosensors


New innovations in wearable technologies present endless possibilities for consumer and business use cases in health, fitness, sports, and more.
Devices powered by connected biosensors, software, firmware, and advanced algorithms can do many things, including enabling important new medical treatments, inform consumers about changes in their health conditions or patterns, provide real-time data driven remedies and suggestions, and help athletes at the highest levels find new ways to improve their performance.

But turning these opportunities into reality requires overcoming some complex challenges – especially when it comes to ensuring the wearable technologies perform as designed in real-world use with humans.

  • Integrating real-world scenarios for human-subject based testing while managing liabilities and compliance considerations
  • Recruiting human subjects with varying attributes and habit patterns
  • Finding and outfitting those subjects for effective device testing and data validation
  • Writing and tuning algorithms for maximum accuracy
  • Envisioning and designing the proper test processes
  • Extracting and analyzing test data and feeding it back in to the development lifecycle for improving the device
  • Setting up or accessing a testing lab with the advanced capabilities needed

“The power of wearables comes from connecting our senses to sensors.”

Matt Miesnieks CEO of Dekko

Our Approach: The Apexon Solution

Lab Requirements

  • Human Subject-Based Testing/ Real-World Lab
  • Equipment identification
  • Lab setup
  • Team identification
  • Benchmark/Gold standard tool/Device identification

Test Methodology

  • Protocol definition
  • Testing methodology
  • FP-based subject identification
  • PDLC lifecycle management
  • Reporting and tools development
  • Competitive analysis

Human Subject-Based Testing

  • FP-based subject identification
  • Ground truth validation
  • Protocol execution
  • Defect and issues identification
  • Data collection
  • Reporting

Supporting Expertise

These capabilities are supported by proven expertise with wearable biosensor use cases that require human subject-based testing, including:
Defining possible human subject-based protocols for comprehensive execution.
Identifying different subjects on which test protocols have to be executed to assure optimal biosensor and algorithm performance in different situations and environments.
Validating biosensors and algorithms accuracy on different types of humans interacting with different devices.
Providing data from biosensor readings and algorithm performance.
Partnering with Dev/Test teams and playing an integral role in the biosensor integration, data collection, and algorithm validation process.
Providing ready-to-use advanced test labs for different use cases to be performed on human subjects and gathering and validating data.
Analyzing performance across the product lifecycle with gap analysis at multiple stages.

Driving Innovation with the Latest Test/QA Capabilities

From front-end to back-end and everything in between, Apexon’s wearable biosensor testing capabilities are helping companies get their devices, applications and ideas to market faster with better quality and less risk.
Below are two examples:

QA Services to Optimize Performance of Sports Equipment

Apexon developed end-to-end test strategy and execution to optimize equipment performance and fit for this sporting goods manufacturer. Included requirements definition, test lab setup for multiple sports, data extraction for algorithms, and test methodology and execution.

Human Subject-Based Testing for Fitness Wearable

Apexon provided a fully-equipped test lab for human subject-based testing related to optimal heart rate while using various exercise equipment in different environments. Included software tools, to extract date and compute metrics, human subjects, and complete protocols for testing.

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