With Teresa Crabtree, Global Partner Leader, HCLS at AWS, and Dr. Atif Mohammad, Head of AI CoE at Apexon

Patient data and insights to enable value-based care and improve payment integrity
February 02, 2023
With Teresa Crabtree, Global Partner Leader, HCLS at AWS, and Dr. Atif Mohammad, Head of AI CoE at Apexon

Value-based care is emerging in the healthcare ecosystem, largely due to its ability to offer benefits for everyone from patients to physicians to payers. With the power of data and analytics, users can track and improve patient outcomes and control healthcare costs while delivering better quality of care. Patient 360 can provide an optimal experience to patients and healthcare providers with first-rate payment integrity.

In this podcast, you’ll learn more about:

  • Better health for the patients
  • Payer/Provider Savings
  • AWS collaboration with Patient 360