Customer Spotlight – GlobeOne

COO and Global Head of Technology shares on working with us

Hi, my name is Steve Landry. I’m the Chief Operating Officer for Globe One in Santa Monica, California. We are a technology based company trying to provide financial services to the unbanked and underbanked across the globe.

Experience with Apexon

My experience with Apexon, to this point, has been very good. We started a project with them about seven weeks ago to develop a new mobile platform for the company and they’ve kept us on track. They’ve adapted to the changes that we put in front of them and have been a good partner to this point.

Most Impressive Traits

I think the most impressive aspect of my time with Apexon to this point has been their ability to adapt. As a startup, working in a new mobile platform, we have a lot of customizations and a lot of change in direction that takes place as we go through our development phase. They have been able to adapt, and provide support, and keep us on track as we make these changes.

Top 3 Traits

I think the three words that come to me when I think of adjectives to describe Apexon are responsive, flexible, and engaged.

Key Benefits

Some of the key benefits that I’ve seen working with Apexon to this point has been their collaborative nature. As a startup organization working in a new platform, our ability to tap into their expertise, their understanding of the space, and their experience with other customers has been invaluable.

When asked how Apexon could further improve their service quality… at this point I don’t have anything to offer. I think they’ve been a great partner to this point. Very supportive, collaborative as I’ve indicated before. And, I think they just need to keep doing what they’re doing.