Partnering for Visual Testing Successs – Applitools

Co-Founder & COO discusses adapting to new software development processes

Introduction We’re doing automated visual testing and monitoring based on AI technology. We basically learn the look and feel of applications and make sure that the user experience is consistent across all the different environments. We have a lot of Fortune 500 companies using our technology. Ranging from some of the largest software companies, some of the big banks and health care companies — all leveraging this technology to accelerate their release cycle, be ready for continuous delivery, and basically adjust for a digital transformation. How are you accelerating the digital transformation of your business? In the past, customers used to release software like every six months. When they used to have the waterfall with, they did releases every few months. Then, when customers started switching to edge, people used to do releases every month; every week for the most innovative companies. Today, we’re seeing more and more companies doing releases every day and sometimes even multiple times per day. The way people develop software today is very different. You have to quickly adjust to business needs, customer needs, new devices, new environments that are available. People really need to be able to release stuff immediately, and be able to change the code, test it quickly and be able to launch it into production right away. It’s an entirely different process which requires different tools, different processes. One of the challenges with this new fast pace is that if you make a change, you have to have full confidence that after making this change, everything is working correctly. That you didn’t break anything in the look and feel of your application on all these different platforms. You have to be able to make these changes without any hesitation. So this is what we’re helping with. Every time you make a change, we automatically check it right away on all these different platforms so companies can move it to release, confidently. What did you enjoy most about your experience with Apexon? Our experience working with Apexon has been great. Apexon has always been ahead of the curve, looking to automate stuff beyond what the traditional companies used to do. Always looking at the challenge that customers are facing and trying to see how to take them to the next level — either Edge maturity, Continuous Delivery maturity — and helping them fully understand the lifecycle, or the release pipeline that you need to achieve and how to get there. They’re always been very advanced in supporting open source technologies and being able to release open source tools that will help customers standardize around some frameworks, which are mature and supported and basically help customers scale their release cycles scale. Describe Apexon in one word? I think it’s innovation. They’re really thinking ahead, looking at the latest technologies that are out there, the latest methodologies that are out there and helping customers get there.