Radhakrishnan Gurusamy

Radhakrishnan is the founder of Apexon and a tech services veteran with over 25 years of experience.

Radhakrishnan is the Co-Founder and Chairman of Apexon, a leading provider of IT digital transformation and healthcare solutions to Fortune 1000 companies.

Radhakrishnan created the company in 1996 and through his leadership, grew Apexon into a major global IT services player.

Since its inception, Apexon has created more than 20,000 new jobs and was ranked by Forbes as one of the Top 25 companies for hiring tech talent. Radhakrishnan developed an employee culture based on integrity, passion, and going beyond for customers, making Apexon a magnet for talented tech professionals.

Prior to forming Apexon, Radhakrishnan was an executive at Tata Consulting and Ford. He has deep domain experience within the healthcare, financial services, retail, and telecom markets. Radha earned a BS in Mathematics and an MS in Computer Science from Bharathiyar University (India).