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5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Work.com to Reopen and Return to Work Safely!

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Work.com to Reopen and Return to Work Safely!

What is Work.com

Released as part of Salesforce’s Summer 2020 release, the Work.com cloud platform is a suite of highly flexible yet integrated solutions with specially designed apps, products and resources to help your company reopen workplaces safely and efficiently. This cloud platform is available to Salesforce customers and non-customers, and can be adopted independent of any other systems. That’s what makes Work.com so valuable and efficient.

As a global technology solutions provider and consulting firm, Apexon’s workforce spans across the US, UK & India. We use the Work.com platform to return our employees back to work safely with geo-targeted phased opening strategies. It has not only helped us fight the pandemic, but thrive, as we reimagine the way we work with our global customers.

How can Work.com help me?

As your company is contemplating ways to bring employees back to work safely, you are faced with the challenge of creating a safe, healthy environment for your employees while not impacting your company’s ability to thrive during these challenging times. This can take many different forms, such as – staggered office schedules, planning new workplace layouts, investing in new technologies to support a virtual workforce or hiring additional talent to comply with new COVID-19 labor, health & safety standards as required by your local and state authorities. Work.com can help with all of the above.

Work.com is designed for any company or community who needs to reopen and return to work safely. You should consider Work.com if you’re looking to:

  • Reopen your company safely
  • Return to your workplace in a planned fashion
  • Reimagine the way you do business in these challenging times
  • Be prepared to respond swiftly to any future crisis

5 Reasons Why to Adopt Work.com

Here are the 5 reasons you should use Work.com to reopen your company and guide your employees to return to work safely. It has helped Apexon employees return to work safely!

1. One place to manage and protect the health and safety of your employees

The Workplace Command Center app from Work.com is a central place where you and your company leaders will have a 360-degree view of your company’s return-to-work readiness across all locations and give you the insights you need to make informed decisions. Once you safely reopen, this is where you can manage and monitor employee wellness and training, shift scheduling, and facilities preparedness. The Command Center will serve as a single hub across all geographies to manage and protect the health and safety of your employees, while reopening workplaces in a planned way.

2. Simple yet powerful tools to check on your employee wellness and reopen safely

You can use the Work.com platform provided configurable surveys to regularly check-in with your employees and visitors to assess their current health status. Using the Employee Contact Tracing app, your company can track health relationships to safely and securely minimize the spread of COVID-19. This data is securely stored and directly available to you and your company leaders on your personalized dashboard, helping you identify hotspots and filter down by workplace locations to make informed decisions about when and where to reopen. 

3. Communicate with ease by providing your employees with a responsive reopening plan

Work.com’s Shift Management app allows your company to create new facility and location capacity plans to control density in order to prevent crowding in elevators or common areas. Your employees will be able to use this Salesforce app on their phone to select their availability, view and confirm shifts, and receive an arrival time that aligns with the plan you have put together.

4. Boost healthcare and community responsiveness now and for future crises

Work.com’s Emergency Response Management app provides you the capabilities to enable government agencies, along with both public and private sector organizations, to respond to emergencies by prioritizing and allocating resources effectively quickly. Public Health organizations can use self-service and digital tools to identify, assess, and interact with patients. As a model citizen, your company can also leverage the Volunteer and Grants Management app to fulfill your community relief goals with flexible, scalable tools that streamline volunteer coordination and grant-making processes. With this tool, you can not only achieve mission success by matching the right volunteers to events, but automate the grants lifecycle for greater impact.

5. Reimagine your business by skilling up your workforce

As the pandemic and the response around it continues to evolve, help your employees learn new skills to meet your evolving business needs by using the myTrailhead app. You can also ensure that the returning employees comply with new safety policies and have the information they need to succeed at your workplace or customer locations by delivering learning content and tracking

How to Get Started

With a comprehensive set of apps, products and resources, Work.com will help in this new normal by providing you and your company the tools, relevant data, and real-time insights in fighting this pandemic while keeping your employees and customers safe. Do you still have questions about Work.com and if it’s the right solution for you? Get in touch with me and schedule a demo to learn how we can enable this for your company to navigate this new normal.

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