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9 Initiatives to Promote Upskilling in the Tech Industry

9 Initiatives to Promote Upskilling in the Tech Industry

We take great pride in building strong, lasting relationships with our employees. By providing opportunities to learn new skills, we empower people to further their careers and grow not only as professionals, but also as people. Consistently refreshing knowledge also ensures our staff remain proactive by stimulating new ideas and thoughts. This also helps the business deliver better and broader services to our clients. It’s a win-win for all!

This is why, as a business, we’re doubling down on upskilling our staff. This helps us to not only to remain competitive and meet the ever-changing needs of clients, but also to ensure we continue investing in the welfare of our employees and developing the talent of the future. Below is just a taste of some of our current initiatives helping us to achieve our goal of upskilling our tech staff.

1. Apexon University

The Apexon University program has been key to helping us build a workplace culture that is truly built on encouraging our staff to develop their careers. Launched in 2022, the program runs across our global offices, enabling our Apexers to acquire new skills by ensuring every employee has the opportunity to learn, experiment, and take charge of their own career path.

Apexon University is facilitated through defined, on-demand learning programs. These include disciplines such as frontend engineering, DevOps, data engineering, or securing partner certifications. This program ensures our staff are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and capabilities to succeed in what seems like an ever-evolving business environment. It also allows us to provide an all-round better service to our clients.

2. Mentoring

We attract top talent from around the globe, all wielding unique professional and personal experiences. Mentoring is a powerful mindshare tool Apexon is proud to leverage. Encouraging employees to share knowledge and skills with one another is key to helping us meet our goals. We focus on ensuring new recruits, especially those just starting out in the world of tech, receive mentoring from seasoned employees.

This ensures new employees get their careers off to the best possible start while also showing existing employees there are opportunities aplenty to grow within the business and become team leaders. It’s a great way of ensuring everybody can meet their full potential and our employees continue to learn from one another.

3. T-Levels

T-Levels offer work placement opportunities to 16-year-old through 19-year-old students in the UK who are interested in careers in technology to give them a head start towards their chosen career. Developed in collaboration with employers, the newly designed qualifications are part of the government’s skills drive. They combine classroom learning and on-the-job experience specifically designed to meet the needs of the industry and prepare students for the world of work.

We welcomed our first cohort of T-Level students in March 2022 in partnership with Sunderland College. The UK Government and Apexon are expanding the programme this year due its initial success.

4. 0Gravity

In addition to providing opportunities to those just starting out in their career, we also work with the younger generation. 0Gravity presents the chance for kids to work on fun coding projects with the Apexon staff. The benefits of 0Gravity are twofold: building interest in tech careers amongst the younger populations and providing mentoring skill development opportunities for our staff.

Inspired by a similar concept developed by our team in Bangalore, India, the 0Gravity program launched in the UK in 2018. Since then, we have helped dozens of school children explore tech careers. We look forward to continuing to inspire youngsters through the 0Gravity program.

5. Tech Track

Stepping into the workplace can be daunting for graduates. This is why the UK team launched Tech Track, an onboarding programme for graduates facilitated by our very own Apexers. The program provides our graduate joiners an opportunity to cut their teeth with real-time client projects. They leverage the knowledge and experience provided by long-time Apexon employees who are beside them every step of the way. Tech Track is the perfect way to help quickly upskill graduate recruits and help our managers of tomorrow hone their leadership skills.

6. Technical Excellence Program

We believe that anyone with strong critical thinking skills and a deep interest in computer science can become a great software engineer. The Technical Excellence Program is a great place for them to start. The Technical Excellence Program is a bootcamp designed to train the next generation of exceptional software engineers. Candidates from all backgrounds are considered for the program with no college degree or coding experience required to apply. We are currently accepting individuals who are eager to solve our clients’ toughest tech problems for the Technical Excellence Program.

7. Constant Dialogue

Communication is key in every area of life, and professional development is no exception. We encourage our teams to make time for continuous feedback and performance evaluations within their teams. It provides opportunities for skill improvement to ensure every employee is given a chance to grow within the business. After all, technology never stands still, so why should our employees?

8. Individual Development Plans

Our Individual Development Plans (IDPs) ensure all our employees have a tailored learning and development plan to support their personal growth and help achieve their short- and long-term goals. We’ve also introduced manager training to ensure our employees have everything they need to identify and complete their IDP objectives.

9. Tech Talks

We run a series of Tech Talks across our global offices where experts from different disciplines facilitate talks for the rest of the company. This creates an environment where best practices are shared, and employees feel comfortable engaging in dialogue with subject matter experts.

Techniques for Upskilling in the Tech Industry

The technology industry moves fast, making upskilling a necessary piece of a successful organisational strategy. Cultivating an ecosystem in which employees feel valued and empowered to grow personally and professionally also promotes higher retention rates. By offering 9 different learning initiatives, Apexon employees can choose which opportunities best align with their goals, increasing the likelihood of engagement. Our people will always be our top priority, and upskilling is a critical tool in ensuring we can continue to support our employees, their goals, and the betterment of our business.

Interested in finding out more about the career progression opportunities at Apexon and the roles we’re actively hiring for? Head over to our careers page today!

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