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A Big Day in Tech – With Apple at WWDC and Microsoft at E3

Today was a big day for tech in the gadget and game markets with Apple at WWDC and Microsoft at E3 (biggest gaming show). I followed Apple’s event just as closely as Microsoft’s press releases on the Xbox One and have some inexhaustible news

So roll up your sleeves, here’s a list of news announced at the WWDC 2013:

1.             Apple announced iOS 7

This was the most highly anticipated software update that brought an entirely new UI to iPhone. The latest mobile operating system has much sharper, flatter icons, slimmer fonts, a new slide to unlock function, and a new control panel that slides up from bottom. The new OS has AirDrop – a solution for sharing pictures from device to device wirelessly, new photo apps with added filters, enhanced Siri functionality and audio only Facetime. After boundless speculation over the last year, Apple finally announced its music streaming service. The new iOS 7 has this streaming service built in the Music App as iTunes Radio. This incredible new overhaul of iOS is said to be the biggest update since the iPhone’s launch in 2007.

2.             New MacBook Air launched

As rumored, Apple announced a new MacBook Air with Intel Haswell processors that promises all day battery life and boosts integrated graphics performance.

3.             OS X 10.9 unveiled

Apple introduced a version of Mac OS X operating system that will be called Mavericks. This OS has three new features. First up is “finder tabs.” Second is “tagging” – that gives users the ability to save the location and name of a document after they save the document. And third is, support for multiple displays. This support will allow users to share their desktop across multiple screens.

As I expected, WWDC didn’t have big hardware announcements this year. Instead, Apple gave its apps the much needed upgrades and itself a long-overdue redesign. It focused more on deeper integrations of iOS and OS X, making the software up to speed with its hardware.

Now let’s have a look at the list of things announced by Microsoft at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2013:

1.             Xbox One to launch in November

Microsoft’s next-gen console, Xbox One is set to launch in November in 21 markets across the globe. Xbox One will get a new SmartGlass that will have much more control over the console. Microsoft will also fully integrate Twitch (a games streaming channel) allowing players to broadcast their gameplay live directly from console. The impact of this level of console integration, I believe, will be a true game changer.

2.             New Halo coming for Xbox one

Guess what?? Microsoft is making a new Halo game for the Xbox One. The game would be launched in 2014. This game will be built to take full advantage of the power and flexibility of Xbox One. It will be buffered by MS’ cloud computing and, will run at a 60 fps on the One.

3.             New Xbox 360 launched

Microsoft unveiled an updated Xbox 360 that is based on the Xbox One design.  It is slimmer than the current model and goes on sale today. Microsoft also announced that hundreds of new games are still set to release for Xbox 360. This announcement clearly says that 360 is going nowhere.

While Microsoft kicked of E3 with plenty of Xbox One news. It’s Sony’s turn in no time. Sony is expected to reveal its Play Station 4 console today, that will officially kick off the next round of console wars.

Both the conferences are in full swing. So, which one are you tuning in? Microsoft’s Xbox  at E3  or Apple’s iOS 7 at WWDC?


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