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Mobility is the ‘new normal’ now. It has been largely adopted by enterprises across all domains – banks, hospitals, hotels, retail and travel chains. Enterprises have matured through the mobility curve with well thought-out mobile roadmaps.   They range from creating a single platform approach to driving innovation with an omni-channel focus. Traditional quality challenges with mobile, for example fragmentation, have now been addressed with the right tools and specialized services for manual and automated testing.

Additionally, an enterprise’s need for internal mobile applications to enable various groups such as sales, operations and IT has experienced a significant surge. Such explosive growth in enterprise mobility has led to a significant need for device and mobile applications monitoring and management. Despite the existence of a robust tool ecosystem, there is a need for specialized service providers to address ongoing mobility needs across all stages of development, testing and monitoring.

Apexon is THAT mobile enablement company which powers your mobile lifecycle with a difference! What distinguishes us from the stack in mobile testing methodologies? Here goes:

  • Tools and Technology                          
    • QMetry Test Management for Mobile, QAS (QMetry Automation Studio using Selenium)
    • Synchro for Manual Mobile Testing
    • Attesto for tracking mobile app analytics and heuristics.

For more information on all our products visit: /product-development/

  • Infrastructure
    • Mobile labs with over 3000  real devices across ALL platforms — iOS, Android, Windows etc.
    • Access to select pre-market devices and testing capability validated on wearable devices
    • Over 500 Certified mobile testing and validation experts
    • Strong partnerships with leading cloud platform companies to create virtual private cloud engagements
    • Provision of Private Cloud of real devices with remote connectivity without jailbreaking devices to ensure real end-user like test environment
  • Expert Approach
    • Readymade industry standard test case repositories for mobile banking, hospitality and health care verticals
    • Framework driven approach towards every engagement
    • Proven and validated best practices across all types of testing from unit to system level
    • Specific emphasis on performance, security, non-functional, functional, language and usability   elements
    • Platform agnostic testing approach
    • Testing in over 25 languages
    • Readiness to engage in output/outcome based engagement models and sign up for SLA’s & metrics
    • Performance benchmarking of enterprise applications with competing products in the market
  • Cross Sectional Validation from Ecosystem — Customers, Partners, App Stores, Carriers
    • Experience with multiple app stores for their independent validation and certification needs
    • Experience with multiple service providers and carriers across the globe
    • Strong enterprise customer base across large domains such as banking, hospitality and healthcare
    • Strong partner ecosystem across technology and services — Perfecto by Perforce on the technology side, Atos on the service partner side, Veracode and other open source tool integrators
  • Post Deployment Support
    • Constant monitoring of issues faced by the clients around the world by collecting the information by automated crawling on review sites, app stores and blogs
    • Immediate reproduction of issues faced by the clients and communication with developers with all the information necessary to reproduce issues and apply resolution
    • Monitoring of deployed applications on real devices for early identification of issues and performance benchmarking
    • Automation — Real device based automation on various platforms — integrated with Perfecto by Perforce and HP tools

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