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A Decade Later

This is a story of 2 workstations in a garage and no stash of cash and a vision of two Entrepreneurs.   A vision to solve the software quality needs of enterprises by leveraging technology. A vision to help enterprises launch products confidently. A vision to help enterprises realize their quality vision and gain brand value.   This is the story of Apexon.

It started in 2004, with enterprise quality strategy and services for traditional software across many domains.   Initially it was focused on serving companies in Silicon Valley, but has since expanded its reach both domestically and globally. Rutesh Shah and Manish Mathuria, our entrepreneurs in residence, have taken this company from a small garage operation to one that spans countries and domains.

Now, let’s get back to the story.

2006 saw the genesis of the app-economy and smartphones.   With this came the need to test these applications on emerging platforms like iOS, Android and Windows and on a plethora of devices with different form factors and networks. Rutesh and Manish figured that device testing would be an ongoing pain for enterprises — so  they decided to invest  in building device labs. They leveraged platform capabilities from their own technology platform QMetry to provide end-to-end mobile testing services in the cloud. Today, Apexon houses more than 3000 devices in the cloud for all its customers in a private cloud setup. We have generated close to 2000 device specific test cases making history in the space to uncover difficult to find bugs proactively.

The new App economy brought app store regulations and a different system of verification for apps. Apexon observed the evolution of mobile certification services for the largest app stores in the US and  fostered the innovation of new products, QMetry for test management and QMetry app certification engine (QMetry ACE). These products created a strong ecosystem to enable the movement of apps from the developers to the app store.

Apexon today provides turnkey mobile quality and development solutions for large enterprises in BFSI, Retail, Entertainment, Travel/Hospitality and Health Services industries. All solutions are powered by Apexon’s proprietary technology platform QMetry, QMetry Automation Studio, Synchro, Attesto and the unique enterprise grade infrastructure. It has also created synergies with various technology and SI partners like Perfecto by Perforce, Kony, Atos and HP to bring highly evolved solutions to market. As enterprises continue to go mobile, the need to provide ongoing support and continuously fine tune mobile strategy post-deployment becomes critical. The ability to intelligently track analytics and reviews to fine tune product features for market viability is important. The need to monitor application’s performance, the need to test iteratively for all new device features and new versions of OS’s is critical. The need to support geo-distributed testing as mobile solutions are deployed globally is vital.

Apexon’s mobile application enablement services would not only cover traditional development and testing but also performance monitoring and complete sustainability solutions to efficiently enable a mobile software initiative.   So whether you’ve just started mobilizing with your debut app or whether you’re creating custom solutions for futuristic use cases, whether you are developing Enterprise to Consumer app or Enterprise to Employee app – Apexon can be your mobile enablement partner at every level.

We bring technology, we bring domain expertise, we bring experience, we bring global infrastructure, we bring PASSION to make a difference to your mobile enterprise. We bring our DREAM to empower your mobility. We bring our BELIEF that we can revolutionize your mobile initiative. We bring Apexon!



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