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Introducing QMetry Test Manager for JIRA

Introducing QMetry Test Manager for JIRA

For those of you that already know QMetry Test Manager, you will understand that our aim has always been to help make ‘Shift Left’ testing less of a lofty goal and more of a working reality. That’s more true than ever before, with the mature product it has become after its five years of evolution.

And now, the next stage in the product’s evolution is here.  We are proud to introduce QMetry Test Manager for JIRA, available now on the Atlassian Marketplace with a 30-day free trial.   We recognize that JIRA is undeniably the number one development tool used by agile teams.   And although we’ve been partnering with Atlassian and the JIRA team for some time, we thought we would make life easier for dev and testing teams with JIRA integration out-of-the-box.

So what makes QMetry Test Manager for JIRA so special? Here are four features we think dev and testing teams are going to love.

1. Complete project visibility from a single screen

Enabling visibility of all aspects of testing allows you to make better, faster decisions. Use our out-of-the-box dashboards or customize your own. For example, with the ‘QA Director’ dashboard, you can see the whole QA project from a single screen, making go/no go decisions so simple.

2. Re-use test scenarios

Modular test scenarios don’t need to be built over and over again. Testers now have the power to make a change to just one test scenario, or to replicate across the whole system, and avoid a jumble of clones.

3. Test scenario auto-suggests

As you create new scenarios, the system will intelligently suggest if there is possibility to reuse existing scenarios. This not only saves effort, but also promotes reuse and collaboration.

4. Deployment flexibility

QMetry Test Manager for JIRA is available on-demand through the cloud or on-premises from Atlassian Marketplace, making it a viable option whatever the scale or circumstances of the project.

To find out more and secure your free 30-day trial of QMetry Test Manager for JIRA, click here.

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