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Unraveling the Mobile Development Landscape – Part 2

Once enterprises figure out which approach to take based on their requirements and the way they want their user to interact with the app, the next big challenge is managing and deploying these mobile applications across multiple devices with varying operating systems.

To cater to this problem Apexon has partnered with Kony’s Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) to help enterprises build a complete mobile ecosystem. The Kony MEAP is a comprehensive platform with packaged applications and development tools that can be implemented enterprise-wide. It represents the core platform for the enablement of mobile enterprise applications, whether they are native, hybrid, or mobile Web-based applications. MEAP facilitates the primary benefit of Write Once, Run Anywhere concept which means that this platform allows developers to write the code once and deploy it across multiple devices and scenarios.

Benefits of MEAP

  • Faster app development and deployment – It saves organizations from hassle of maintaining separate sets of code as it can support more than one mobile device and mobile operating system.
  • Security – It consists of middleware server that supports integration connectivity, app management and security against unauthorized access to applications and mobile devices
  • Device Management — devices that are tailored for B2E scenario can be efficiently managed
  • Multiple feature integration- MEAP allow easier integration of mobile apps with the unique features and capabilities of mobile devices
  • Offline support – Mobile apps, can work independently of a central server connection, allowing users to continue to work off-line.
  • Back-end Connectivity – MEAP provides strong connectivity between back-end infrastructure and mobile devices through mobile middleware thereby ensuring smooth flow of data to specified device.

So if you are planning to have multiple applications available on a wide variety of different device types and operating systems, with the need for smooth data flow across the mobile environment, then MEAP will be the right solution to your needs.

Mobile Enterprise Application Platform can do a lot of great things for customers, and at Apexon, we see business cases every day where a MEAP solution would be the best solution. However, it’s always important to remember that no tool is a silver bullet, so being careful with both the vendor and the type of mobile enterprise application platform going to meet the business needs for your enterprise, and your customers for years to come.

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