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What to Expect with Pebble’s New Appstore?

Good news for Pebble owners! Pebble is getting its own app store very soon. The company announced the introduction of Pebble SDK 2.0 that will offer a marketplace for developers to publish applications for end-users. This new platform will surely pique the interest of software developers particularly those itching to explore futuristic features. App developers should waste no time thinking about its possibilities.

The store will be inside the Pebble app on Android and iOS and developers can start working to prep their apps in seven unique app store categories including watchfaces, daily, remotes, games, notifications, tools and utilities and sports and fitness.

What can you expect?

As an end-user you’ll have more apps for your Pebble. And not only more apps, but apps with greater potential. The new SDK will turn Pebble into an open platform, where anyone and everyone can hack on top of Pebble.  It will finally allow developer access to the Pebble’s built-in tech. Apps will be able to use the accelerometer, log data, store data even when not connected to a mobile phone, and pull data from the mobile phone’s Internet connection on their own. App developers now have a chance to dig in and dial up the innovation.

However, Pebble’s limitations are still unclear. Just like before, Pebble will only store eight apps at a time. Also, how much data can these apps store is still unknown. Having said that, future of Pebble looks very bright. It’s clear that the future commitment for Pebble is on cross-platform Android/iOS flexibility, but how that will translate to UX remains to be seen.


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