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What’s Inside Blackberry 10 Application Development


Blackberry 10 is the new platform developed by RIM for its upcoming smartphones. Blackberry 10 is based on the QNX neutrino multithreaded operating system which is time tested and is used in many mission critical operations. RIM has understood the needs of users beautifully and managed to develop a smartphone that can cater not only to business user but also equally to personal users. RIM has studied the issues faced by users of both IPhone and Android based phones and developed a UI that is more intuitive, a device that can be handled by just one hand and every feature/application comes as a flow. There is immense opportunity posted by the Blackberry’s new smart-phone platform which can take the smartphone definition to a new level.

Development Options:

RIM has provided various options for developing applications for BB10. This includes:

  1. Native cascades   (C/C++, QML)
  2. WebWorks (HTML/JavaScript)
  3. Android (via Android runtime)
  4. Action Script

There is an equal opportunity to develop apps using either of these technologies, whether one is a hard core C/C++ developer, android developer, web developer or adobe action script developer.

Cascades Development:

Out of these development options native cascades which uses both C/C++ and QML gives the best user experience which is faster and uses the UI principles/behaviors designed for BB 10 by RIM. Developing applications using cascades framework is fast. Application UI can be developed using QML by using the drag and drop feature of QNX Momentics IDE and using the previewer to get a feel of the UI before it is loaded on the device. The developer only needs to write the business logic in C/C++.   The Blackberry 10 simulator software enables to quickly test implemented features before the app is actually loaded on the device.

Info Stretch — An expert in Blackberry 10 development

Info Stretch understands the power of this new platform and has been leading in developing innovative and engaging applications. We as a group are one of the first firms to start exploring and developing on this platform and have gained the expertise to develop apps for any industry segment. Info Stretch has the expertise in developing native C/C++/QML based applications as well as HTML5 based WebWorks applications.

Why one should choose Info Stretch as a partner for BB 10 development:

  • Info Stretch has the right technical expertise.
  • We understand our partners and end users better and can use the best development approach to build faster and scalable applications.
  • We have the least turnaround time and can quickly develop production grade apps.

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