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Improving the User Experience with Custom Product Design

Barricade Flasher Service (BFS) supports the construction industry with a comprehensive set of products and services for site safety and traffic control.

The company was looking to update its construction project bidding efforts with top-of-the-line technologies. It’s existing software-based solution needed an upgrade with an emphasis on streamlining the input of required bid information. This was key to the company’s ability to compete on projects that were put out for bid.

BFS engaged Apexon to upgrade the current system to meet new tech standards, create new functional features that would improve the user experience, and integrate its old code base into a modern system to support future upgrades.

  • BFS founded in 1962

    Founded in 1962

  • site safety and traffic control services for construction industry

    Family owned and operated

  • Equipment sales and rentals, traffic control services in USA

    Equipment sales and rentals, traffic control services

the Results

Key Outcomes

Decreased Time Spent On Manual Estimating Processes
Decreased Time Spent on
Manual Estimating Processes

custom product design and development services
Custom UX Design &
Faster Development

Improved Usability
Improved Usability &
Increased Productivity

Our methodology

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Go Digital

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Be digital

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The challenge

Simplifying the construction bid process

BFS may bid on multiple construction projects each month, so speed and accuracy in the bid submission process are critical to the company’s competitive success. At the same time, the bids also need to be both thorough and concise.

The administrators and estimators responsible for managing bid information and submissions need easy, intuitive access to the relevant information. It needs to be easy to view and at their fingertips. They can’t afford the hassle of scrolling through massive amounts of information.

The Solution

Provide a seamless transition from old to new

BFS engaged Apexon to upgrade its existing bid system. The focus was on diagnosing UX features for future iterations of the project. After gathering initial feedback from BFS executives, Apexon’s UX team was able to create initial wireframes, and gather useful project requirements that may have been missed during initial talks.

Apexon partner Material-UI helped the development team get a custom solution in front of BFS for approval in rapid time. And the Apexon engineering team was able to migrate the old code base into a more modern tech stack to make it reusable and easier to understand going forward with any future upgrades.

Using Personas, User Flows, Heuristic Evaluation, and Empathy Mapping, Apexon’s UX team was able to gather valuable feedback on system improvements and find out what would and would not work for BFS. After speaking with actual users, they could identify how the tool was being used and main pain points users were experiencing.

After building a process flow and doing the research with stakeholders, the UX team identified flaws in the current program that needed to be addressed. In the old program, a user could come in and make a change to one screen or field, but forget to update other parts that needed to be synced manually. The new program recognized this flow and notified users of updates made automatically or the need for further input before leaving. Notifications can now be provided directly to the CEO regarding when updates were made, and by whom.

Seamless Transition From Old To New Bid System

The results for BFS have been substantial:

Decreased Time Spent on Manual Processes

Decreased Time Spent on Manual Processes

The organization of the new product means that administrators no longer need to spend tedious time comparing data information. Estimators also spend significantly less time filling out lettings for construction jobs

Customized Design and Faster development

Customized Design Style

Figma, one of the best design software solutions on the market, was used to integrate the Material-UI design system, creating an ease of handoff for future projects and faster development

Improved Usability & Increased Productivity

Improved Usability & Increased Productivity

The new streamlined design is much cleaner and easier to read. The layout is uniform, consistent, and specifically designed to allow vast amounts of data to be easily understood at a glance or in detail. The new design organizes information in a readable and visually appealing manner, making actions easily recognizable and understood.