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Life sciences Company Upgrades Customer Access to Live Data

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Digital transformation in the Life Sciences field has become imperative for organizations to stay relevant in the evolving business environment. However, limiting this to only certain projects or divisions prevents them from executing their services efficiently.

The customer—an independent, single-source Life Sciences provider—wanted a more holistic view of their current systems and to improve business processes using cloud-native services to advance their capabilities.

The challenge

4 key areas

Legacy frameworks and infrastructure left the customer with various problems:

Inconsistent Quality

Applications Taking Too Long Feature enhancements to the current applications were taking too long

Limited Flexibility

Limited Flexibility Existing systems were not flexible enough for the business to pivot to new models

Release Issues

Release Issues Production releases faced frequent issues

Less Innovation

Less Innovation Disjointed systems resulted in more investment on maintenance than innovation

The Solution

5 key areas

Keeping the customer’s digital enablement in mind, Apexon delved into the core of the problem to come up with a multi-pronged solution which:

Improved Analysis

Improved Analysis

Analyzed the existing suite of 15 applications and its dependencies

Application Code Analysis

Application Code Analysis

Analyzed application code to determine the maintainability, security, scalability of the applications

Defined Roadmap

Defined Roadmap

Defined a road map for a phased replacement of legacy applications with a more flexible architecture

Improved Process Time

Improved Process Time

Refactored backend systems to improve processing time

Digital Platform

Digital Platform

Provided a digital platform for the endusers to access the information online