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CES 2014: What Does The Future Hold

This year at CES, we saw the best of innovation, from the latest in wearables, the future of automobiles and everything in between. While there was impressive innovation from nearly every sector, it’s hard not to call everyone a winner. But the more important question to ask is which innovation will be the future tech. Here’s a rundown of what I found.

1.           Wearable Tech

Wearable tech is on the rise. This year at CES there were a staggering number of wearables announced. Every company had a wearable product to show off, including those that hadn’t been in wearable tech before. Razer’s fitness band, LG’s fitness band with Bluetooth blood pressure sensing earbuds, and Sony’s Core are few companies to venture into wearables. This technology is definitely going to shape tech in 2014. The reason being, it is the easiest thing for consumers to add to their lives and it blends perfectly with people’s understanding of smartphones. Another thing to consider is that wearable devices like Google Glass and Pebble Watch have already opened up development options for consumer and enterprise applications.  This not only serves to advance the economy but also advances mobile technology in general.  Wearable devices opens up mobile paths that were once unfamiliar with traditional mobile devices.

2.           Internet of Everything

Connecting more and more devices to the internet was the theme of this year CES. From internet connected crock pot, refrigerators to Open Automative Alliance by Google’s Android to develop connected car innovations, it almost seemed Internet of Everything was everywhere. Its impact on health industry was also very interesting too. Devices like connected blood pressure kits and connected blood glucose testing kits could now send the data they collect to healthcare provider to monitor progress. These new innovations have led me to believe that in the next few years IOE will hit the mainstream as more and more companies create products and services that fit into a world of smarter devices, services and ecosystems.

3.           4K Technology

This technology definitely will dominate 2014 — with televisions, monitors, cameras, tablets and notebooks fueling the 4K Ultra HD ecosystem rapidly. While Sony and LG were seen pushing this technology at the show with their 4K TVs at several screen sizes, there were companies like Amazon and M-Go that promised to begin offering 4K content this year. YouTube also got in on the action, announcing a way to stream 4K using less bandwidth. 4K is clearly set to become the new standard in high res video.

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