Customer Education Through DTV, the Digital Transformation Channel on YouTube

Customer Education Through DTV, the Digital Transformation Channel on YouTube

Keeping our customers apprised of important industry trends can help them make wiser long-term commitments to emerging technologies. Avoiding a dead-end or thorny path will ease the process.

This is especially true of Digital Transformation. Examples abound of companies that came late to the game, or reacted so clumsily that they lost business opportunities or suffered severe losses.

To help enterprises meet this challenge, Apexon sponsors a non-commercial YouTube channel for communicating information about technology and industry issues. We call it DTV. Unlike other corporate sponsored channels, DTV does not promote Apexon, it’s strictly about conveying important technology and industry information.

With unbiased insight from a variety of industry experts, DTV can inform a wider audience than would be possible through conventional marketing channels like podcasts, or direct mail. I wrote about this recently in MarTech Advisor. Check it out!

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