Modernizing At-Home Care Through Cloud Technology

Modernizing At-Home Care Through Cloud Technology


A healthcare company based in Michigan provides several pediatric and adult medical care services. The company specializes in supporting children with Autism through Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), a form of therapy that encourages sociability and communication. Founded in 2009, the company quickly became the largest ABA therapy provider in Michigan and a leading provider of ABA therapy in several other states. Their autism division alone employs over 3,500 employees.

The company’s data management practices, which involved manual processes across siloed systems, were preventing the company from rapidly growing. Apexon’s data specialists worked closely with the company to create a data management solution aligned with its goal of providing life-changing care for children with autism and individuals requiring specialized care.


The healthcare company grew quickly by tailoring its care to a community’s needs. However, this individualized approach left the company with multiple data stores and without a standardized data format. Over time, their siloed data began to contain conflicting information.

The company wanted to adopt an improved system for billing and payments. However, given the integrity of its data, if the company had begun using the system without migrating the data to a centralized data warehouse, it would have led to a number of serious problems. For instance, it might have lost hundreds of billing reports.

Additionally, data inconsistencies impacted client and employee satisfaction. Senior executives, employees, including therapists, grew tired of manually maintaining data. Without a centralized and standardized repository, the leadership found it challenging to conduct analyses of their company’s operations since they had to manually vet, clean, and update data each time.  


Apexon partnered with the company to (1) migrate its data to a single repository, (2) lay the foundation for an automated, intelligent reporting pipeline, and (3) ensure that the company could continue its regular operations and reporting processes throughout this migration.

Apexon’s Data & Analytics Practice worked closely with the company to develop a solution aligned with executive, employee, and patient interests. The first priority was to ensure that all data was accessible, accurate, and stored in a single safe repository. The new centralized repository provided the company with a golden record of its data—a single data repository with reliable, transparent, and interconnected data on patients, employees, and offices.

Pipelines were built to extract company data from numerous sources to migrate to the warehouse. The pipelines automatically clean and transform the data into a standardized format, keeping data reliable, and ensuring fast processing speeds.

The design was built especially for healthcare, as the company believes that healthcare needs to be tailored to individuals and communities. This highly adaptable and interoperable solution helps the company accomplish this goal. For instance,  the analytics and reporting tools can be repurposed by different departments. The warehouse also enables the company to scale effortlessly—it can expand to new locations, provide new services, or build new platforms without worrying about pipelines or data quality.


Apexon delivered a scalable, fast, and enduring data infrastructure for the national healthcare company. The company can now safely adopt a new billing system by validating and standardizing the company’s data and migrating it to a central data warehouse.

The company’s new data warehouse and automated pipelines reduced administration costs and technical debt. The solution improved patient and employee satisfaction and end-user experiences. It minimized manual data management, eliminated human error, and provided end-users with seamless access to accurate, up-to-date data.

Additionally, the company now has flexible reporting tools that have helped them explore their data, think outside the box, and make insightful data-driven decisions.

The solution launched the company on a path towards data excellence with a solution tailored towards its end goal—providing excellent family healthcare and supporting children with autism.


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