Open API Ecosystem for Retail Industry Leader

Open API Ecosystem for Retail Industry Leader


Our client was unable to accommodate complex retail industry needs due to the rigidity of their enterprise architecture. The client recognized that in order to be a truly multi-channel retailer, they must present a single, integrated view through all digital touch points.


Apexon advised the client to build an ecosystem of APIs, which would allow internal and external sharing of information and the creation of new applications thus allowing close integration across all touch points. We set up a new enterprise system using lightweight Emergent Architecture, which is flexible enough to support new business models as needed.


The APIs allowed the client to outsource the application development, hosting, and support to third party vendors. This led to the creation of new applications such as gifting and wish lists, just in time for the holidays. The open API ecosystem enabled the company to generate approximately two billion in revenue in November and has business analysts and industry experts predicting healthy results throughout the remaining holiday season.


The benefits of this open API ecosystem came to light over one of the busiest retail weekends of the year. The Inventory API was successfully deployed as a result of our compact implementations and diligent testing. 99.97% requests were serviced effectively!

Over one weekend alone, this client saw a 7% increase in revenue and a 13% increase in visitors to the site.

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