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StarWest 2012– The first-hand experience! Part 1

We landed back to base last week and boy, how glad we were to be back! Don’t get me wrong, it was possibly the best show we’d had in a long time, but you know that best shows need best efforts and that needs energy from the whole team. Apart from the glamor of Disney land and the beautiful weather in So Cal,  we came back with a lot of learning, new experiences, and of course with lots of new prospects. The show floor was buzzing on both the days of the expo – with more than 800 people making their way through the various booths.

Agile, CI, automation, cloud-based testing, cross platform testing, big data were all talk of the town. There were more than 50 platinum, gold and silver sponsors on the floor – uTest, Cognizant, Telerik, Borland, Wipro, Keynote, Perfecto, Skytap, SmartBear, IBM, Eggplant, SOASTA were all there along with Apexon and QMetry. But I have to say, nothing to beat our booth. Check out our Facebook page to see what I am talking about – www.facebook.com/apexon.corporation

I don’t have pictures of the first few hours of the expo, but it was as if we had a treasure of iPhone5s. Yes, it was that crazy. Our t-shirts were hot cakes, people just loved them. And I can safely say that no one in the entire show had that kind of swag. People actually wore them on the second day of the expo, making our competitors look perplexed. Tis true!

The crowd was pretty educated about the latest and greatest in QA and mobile QA world. A lot of them were running on legacy tools and evidently were shopping around for lean solutions. Others had launched a mobile solution and were looking for help with testing services around that.  Performance testing seemed like the biggest pain point followed by security. The crowd was interested in our pitch and what we had to offer from our product and as well as services side. QMetry (our test management tool) was peeking people’s interest – especially because we integrated with all defect tracking, automation and ALM tools which they were using and had integrated agile with drops. They were ready to evaluate our tool and see what more we could offer.

Mobile testing was another big thing for several drop bys. Especially because a lot of them had gone mobile with their solution and wanted to make sure that it was thoroughly evaluated for all possible scenarios and functioned and received the required level of support. Automation was another big piece of the puzzle which they were looking to us for. And this reminds me to talk about Manish’s session on best practices around mobile automation.  There were more than 100 people who attended this 1hour session on Thursday morning and we received a lot of good feedback post. For those of you who are interested in viewing this – please visit our website at /resources/#tab_23. Manish is also going to do a webinar around the same topic very soon, so please stay tuned.

Continued in part2…

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