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What are AWS Immersion Days?

AWS Immersion Day workshops are day-long, in-person or virtual workshop that AWS Solutions Architects created to help customers walk through different areas of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

This in-depth approach helps technical experts learn how to best leverage the AWS platform to unlock business potential and meet key objectives.

AWS Immersion Day workshops are available in many solution areas, such as database migration, containers, artificial intelligence, edge services, and more.

Benefits of AWS Immersion Day

Whether you are already in the cloud or planning to migrate to cloud – giving your team a solid, shared technical foundation is a good place to start. These hands-on AWS immersion days are designed and can be customized to meet you in your cloud or digital transformation journey, no matter where you are.

What makes these workshops credible is that they are delivered by our certified AWS solutions architects. Through these Labs, you get hands-on experience of services like Elastic Cloud (EC2), Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and Identity and Access Management (IAM) in different use cases.

We can help you customise your AWS immersion day, ranging from topics like:

Introduction to AWS
to AWS
Database Migration Service
Migration Service
Machine Learning
Machine Learning
Minimizing System Failures
Well-Architected Framework Review
Framework Review

Get an introduction to using AWS or delve into a certain aspect to discover what’s possible.

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, we can offer AWS immersion days to give you and your team a better understanding of AWS.

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