Success Story Financial Services

A major US bank holding company reduced data anomaly & mismatch errors by 60%

Automating workflow to reduce anomalies and errors

The client is a bank holding company for a major US bank headquartered in Michigan. It is one of the largest residential mortgage servicers and banks in the United States. The client desired to implement long-term processes that would improve their operational capability while decreasing anomalies, errors, and risks.

They also wanted to make more data-driven decisions based on the analysi’s findings. Our solution was to address this issue by implementing mechanisms that automate workflow and improve business rule management while reducing anomalies and errors. The solution was implemented in 3 stages using a structured approach.

the Results

Key Outcomes

At the close of the project, Apexon was able to deliver the following features and upgrades:

Automated issue resolution workflow
Automated issue resolution workflow & automated load of attributes to catalog – reduced job execution & monthly batch completion time by 28%

Impact analysis & new requirement scope documentation
Business access to lineage & transformation lead to 20% reduced effort in impact analysis & new requirement scope documentation

Created a single source of truth across enterprise
Created a single source of truth across enterprise, reduced 60% data anomaly/mismatch errors

The challenge

6 key areas

An in-depth analysis of the customer’s existing processes revealed certain challenges:

Strategies for Sustainable Processes

Strategies for Sustainable Processes The client was having difficulty identifying a strategy for delivering capability enhancements that ensure a sustainable process

Operations & Risks

Operations & Risks There was a need to improve operation and mitigate risks

Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation There was minimum automation in workflow processes

High quality data deliveries

High quality data deliveries Need for high quality data delivery

Data Frameworks

Data Frameworks There was no data driven decision framework

Data mismatch & errors

Data mismatch & errors Client was facing data mismatch and errors

The solution

A 3 phrase approach

To address the customer’s requirements, Apexon leveraged our competencies with a tailored solution for this client in 3 phases:


Automated data lineage and quality results

Automated data lineage and quality results via connectors to data warehouse integration tools

Upgraded catalog, configured new dashboards

Upgraded catalog, configured new dashboards, workflows, and asset models

Upgraded Collibra version with content migration

Upgraded Collibra version
with content migration

Created multi-phase capability roadmap

Created multi-phase
capability roadmap

Deployed on-the-go search tool

Deployed on-the-go
search tool


Advanced lineage integration

Advanced lineage

Data sharing enhancements

Data sharing

Reference data management

Reference data


Expanded Collibra integrations

Expanded Collibra integrations to reporting tools and data incident requests

Custom workflows

Custom workflows and enhanced business rules management