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Biotech Leader Takes Vision Care and Treatment Mobile

This global biotech leader is a healthcare pioneer, recognized for creating innovative medicines and diagnostic tests that help millions of patients around the world.

From precise diagnosis to targeted therapy, this company differentiates itself through innovation in testing efficiency and medical value. With a strong belief that early and accurate diagnosis is essential to maintaining health, preventing disease, and finding effective treatments and cures, digital health solutions have become a huge focus.

  • global biotech leader is a healthcare

    Founded in 1896 in Switzerland


    The world’s largest biotech Company


    17 Biopharmaceuticals on the market


    A Leading provider of cancer treatments

digital healthcare solution for biotech and pharmaceuticals

The company engaged Apexon and its expertise in digital healthcare in 2020 to help it validate the effectiveness of a line of therapy for vision-related diseases. The project involved quality engineering related to the development of Software as a Medical Device (SaMD).

The goal was to build a companion mobile application to assist with both accurate diagnosis of vision health problems and a feedback loop to the care provider highlighting the proper line of treatment.

the Results

Key Outcomes

40%  improvement speed
improvement speed

Of automated test case execution

600+ test cases  automated
600+ test
cases  automated

In 8 weeks using mobile native framework

Automated Cloud API test cases
Automated Cloud
API test cases

82% out of >200 cloud API test cases were automated

Our methodology

we did it

Apexon works with companies across the digital lifecycle.

Go Digital
Go Digital

Accelerating the delivery of new digital initiatives with confidence

Be digital
Be digital

Creating the infrastructure and foundation to scale digital initiatives

Evolve Digital
Evolve Digital

Leveraging data and analytics to continuously improve digital delivery processes

Launch & Experiment transform the patient experience

Automate & Accelerate transform the patient experience

Be Intelligent & Autonomous transform the patient experience

Launch & Experiment

Enable digital adoption in a quick, and agile mannertransform the patient experience

Apexon began by stabilizing the endpoints on both dev and test environments and building in encryption and other security measures.

Automate & Accelerate

Build digital infrastructure and foundation for enterprises to scaledigitization on patient Experience

Apexon team brought in Native Test Automation for the mobile apps which helped increase automated test execution time by ~40%.

Be Intelligent & Autonomous

Leverage data engineering to make strategic decisions and get digital right every time

Apexon deployed end-to-end testing framework and an SDK for new features which also logged audit trails.

The challenge
To overcome project obstacles

The company had a few challenges to overcome before it could achieve the comprehensive and compliant SaMD it envisioned:

Low cost and fast development

Low cost and fast development

Rapid and cost-effective development was needed, while ensuring the solution was highly scalable.

Logging test case results

Logging test
case results

As an FDA-regulated product, test case results needed to be logged at a test case step level.

Collecting data via app interaction from users

Collecting data via app
interaction from users

Relevant and accurate data on effectiveness of medication had to be collected solely through human interaction via the app.

The Solution

Utilising best practices

Apexon was brought in to help develop the mobile app and to ensure end-to-end quality and security from the app to the cloud on the backend. Previous experience in this domain enabled Apexon to build in best practices and add value to this Agile project from the start.

The outputs from the engagement included:

champion mobile app development for healthcare

Mobile App

Development support, which included ensuring that Protected Health Information (PHI) for data security was encrypted for patient data.

Implemented audio touch feedback

Audio touch

Implemented audio touch feedback for vision eye test assessment and dynamic test guide.

Architecture design for companion mobile application


Architecture design for companion mobile application and an SDK for new features.

Architecture for logging Audit Trails


Architecture for logging Audit Trails and external ID authentication with backend platform.

continuous integration pipeline setup for faster cycle time

integration pipeline

Set up a continuous integration pipeline for faster cycle time (daily execution) and early vulnerability / bug detection.

Mobile native test automation framework

test automation

Mobile native test automation framework for optimal test execution speed for over 600 test cases with improved reliability of test result (Reduced flakiness).

ensure FDA compliance

Test case
results log

Logging of test case results at every step ensured FDA compliance​.