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Cloud Data System Accelerates Performance for a Fortune 500 Company

This Fortune 500 company provides marketing and business communications, commercial printing, and related services to clients around the world. The business optimizes client engagements by storing and managing their data. Historically, this data was stored on traditional systems that were inaccessible to their clients. Over the years it has transitioned to digital.

The company engaged Apexon to help update and improve their data storage process to allow for easy access and visualization for all of their clients. The initial direction was to consider packaged data warehouse solutions such as AWS, Azure, and Cloudera.

  • Fortune 500 company with 150+ years in business

    Fortune 500 company with 150+ years in business

  • Present in 34 countries at 200 locations

    Present in 34 countries at 200 locations with more than 43,000 employees serves more than 50,000 customers

  • World's largest commercial printer (2007)

    World’s largest commercial printer (2007)

the Customer Journey




  • Legacy migration

  • Migration support, wire-framing, DLSw Connect, Marketing Solution Group, UX, Chatbox Support Desk

  • Pageflex, West Caldwell support, Wells Fargo support, BCS support

the Results

Key Outcomes

200x faster system performance
200x faster system

On-demand cost structure
On-demand cost

Improved customer satisfaction scores
90% cost saving
vs. alternative
storage solutions

Our methodology

we did it

Apexon works with companies across the digital lifecycle.

Go Digital
Go Digital

Accelerating the delivery of new digital initiatives with confidence

Be digital
Be digital

Creating the infrastructure and foundation to scale digital initiatives

Evolve Digital
Evolve Digital

Leveraging data and analytics to continuously improve digital delivery processes

The challenge

Provide a flexible solution tailored to each customer

The company had been storing all project data on an internal system, requiring clients to reach out to the company anytime they needed to access something. The Senior V.P. of IT wanted to find a way to centralize and improve this process, as well as give clients easy access to the their project data. But they had a few major obstacles to overcome.

Vendor Lock-in

Vendor Lock-in The solutions they were considering would lock them into a single provider, making the process more difficult and less liable for the customer.

High Costs

High Costs Each of the solutions had high license fees. The client wanted the flexibility of paying based purely on usage.

The Solution

Implementing a top-of-the-line cloud data warehouse: Snowflake

Infostretch’s team of Snowflake experts started by cleansing and preparing the existing client data for integration. Snowflake allows both structured and semi-structured data to be easily moved into a centralized system, accessible to any user, on any application.

The integration ensured that there was no limit on the amount of users and no maximum capacity for simultaneous users. Apexon also ensured that there would be no performance degradation in either scenario. Afterwards, the data could also be used for forecasting, analytics, and additional business insights.

Apexon had experience and relationships with all of the solutions being considered, as well as others. One in particular seemed best suited to address the company’s need for flexibility, access, and customization: Snowflake.

Implementing A Top-of-the-line Cloud Data Warehouse

Different data is converted into a single format and transferred into a multi-cluster database. The data can be pushed to consumers and data analytics, or used for predicting trends and gaining customer insights.

With Snowflake in place, the company is seeing big benefits:

200X faster system performance

200X faster system performance Once the integration was completed, the company saw a significant increase in performance both internally and externally

90% cost reduction

90% cost reduction Compared to other cloud warehouse databases that charge flat licensing fees. With Snowflake, the company only pays for what they use