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EMS Firm Recovers More than 50% Savings in FTE

deploy a low-cost SaaS solution

In the world of emergency medical services (EMS), new legislative laws are occasionally imposed, or amendments or repeals are made on existing ones. They face frequent changes to the reimbursement formula, the addition of new billable services, and even bans on certain payments.

Only a flexible, agile, and automated digital system can cater to these rapid needs and assure compliance. The customer, an EMS firm that serves more than 2 million ambulance trips a year, wanted to deploy a low-cost SaaS solution that automates EMS coding, manages fluctuating volumes, and adheres to regulations.

The challenge

2 key areas

While processing 5,000 ambulance trips on a daily basis, the client found it difficult to:

Filing Claims in Time

Filing Claims in Time File the high volumes of claims in time and with the required accuracy

Eliminating Revenue Leakage

Eliminating Revenue Leakage Establish consistency in coding to eliminate revenue leakage

The Solution

4 key areas

Apexon implemented the ApexEMS coding solution to simplify the medical coding process through machine learning algorithms and Driverless AI, that:

Automate Authorisation Checking

Determining Service Codes

Determines the appropriate service codes while billing

Automate Lifecycle

Automate Lifecycle

Imparts greater accuracy by automating the entire lifecycle of EMS coding

Context-Sensitive Predictions

Context-Sensitive Predictions

Uses advanced NLP techniques to codify claims and applies recurrent neural network models enabling context-sensitive predictions

Efficient Working

HIPAA Compliant

Creates a secure, encrypted, and web-enabled environment that meets HIPAA compliance protocols