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Event Management Firm Streamlines Custom Apps for Clients

This leading provider of global event marketing solutions delivers custom event management and marketing capabilities to Fortune 500 software, OEM, financial services, retailers, education and government organizations.

The company was challenged by the need to develop and deliver high quality, custom mobile applications. Its clients expected the apps to be highly engaging and customized for their specific brand and event goals. At the same time, each app was only going to be used for a single event, so the development time and cost had to be managed.

  • Headquartered in Westport, CT

    Headquartered in Westport, CT

  • Founded in 1988 as a promotional travel guide company

    Founded in 1988 as a promotional travel guide company

  • 2.6+ billion downloads of its mobile apps

    2.6+ billion downloads of its mobile apps

custom mobile application development

Apexon started working with the company in 2015 to help address the problem. The solution included the development of a flexible and scalable architecture that could support the company’s multiple native mobile and mobile web platforms and enable faster development of customer apps and services.

The end result was an easy-to-use platform that provided the flexibility needed for each client’s unique event while also ensuring robust application functionality, performance and user experience.

The Customer Journey




  • Mobile app dashboard changes

  • Community brands development

the Results

Key Outcomes

Reduced Cycle Time
Cycle Time

The new platform cut new app development time from 2 to 3 weeks to less than 8 hours without sacrificing app functionality

Increased User Satisfaction
User Satisfaction

Average app rating went up from 1.2 out of 5 to 4.5 out of 5

Reduced Operating Costs
Operating Costs

The company saw a 55% reduction in operating costs by leveraging a hybrid offshore-onshore development model

Our methodology

we did it

Apexon works with companies across the digital lifecycle.

Go Digital
Go Digital

Accelerating the delivery of new digital initiatives with confidence

Be digital
Be digital

Creating the infrastructure and foundation to scale digital initiatives

Evolve Digital
Evolve Digital

Leveraging data and analytics to continuously improve digital delivery processes

Launch & Experiment

Automate & Accelerate

Be Intelligent & Autonomous

Launch & Experiment

Enable digital adoption in a quick, and agile mannertransform the patient experience

With a clear understanding of the company’s challenge, Apexon developed a solution that addressed both its short and long term needs.

Automate & Accelerate

Build digital infrastructure and foundation for enterprises to scaledigitization on patient Experience

Apexon delivered a fully customizable solution with a rich UI, enabling end users to create their own version with specific branding and style.

Apexon built a robust architecture that supported the event management platform’s many features, functionality and regional requirements.

Be Intelligent & Autonomous

Leverage data engineering to make strategic decisions and get digital right every time

Apexon also designed a usage tracking and monitoring system by integrating it with Google Analytics to enable more informed, data-driven decisions.

The challenge

TO overcome obstacles

The company’s clients’ and their end-users’ (event attendees) needs were shifting rapidly towards mobile. Each client had unique requirements and expectations.

It was essential to understand these specific requirements and the custom applications that needed to be developed to address them.

Robust Architecture

Robust Architecture

The platform required a robust architecture to support a variety of features, functions, operations systems and geographies.

Lead time to create the applications

Lead Time & Shelf Life

Lead time to create the applications was more than 3 weeks and the shelf life of these apps were quite short – lasting only through the duration of the event.

customized app development

Heavy Customization

The development process was highly error prone due to the heavy customization. As a result, the company’s app store rating was low and constantly receiving poor reviews.

lower-cost event solution providers

Differentiation & Customization

Due to the lack of differentiation and customization, lower-cost event solution providers were taking market share away from the company.

The Solution

A Flexible Platform

The company engaged Apexon to build a development platform flexible enough to address each of their client’s unique needs and robust enough to scale to the size of Fortune 500 scale events.

The engagement included:

developed a flexible and highly scalable architecture

Flexible Architecture

Apexon proposed and developed a flexible and highly scalable architecture to support the multiple native mobile and mobile web platforms. The multi-tiered structure offered role-based access, faster app configuration, and comprehensive data management.

Reduced Development Time

Reduced Development Time

The new platform reduced standard app development time from 2-3 weeks to less than 8 hours. It offered full customization with a rich UI that gave the company’s clients the ability to apply their own branding and style.

tracking and monitoring system

Google Analytics

Apexon also designed a usage tracking and monitoring system by integrating it with Google Analytics to provide feedback on app usage and performance.

customer database access

Customer Database Access

Apexon also enabled extensibility by providing customer database access via API.

The flexible, highly scalable platform cut app development lead time by 94%. It also fueled an 80% increase in sales and led to a 3x app rating improvement.