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Re-designed site decreases page load times on Black Friday leading to increased business

Re-design ecommerce platform on Magento

This New Hampshire-based B2C and B2B merchant serves consumers and healthcare practitioners in the US with a broad selection of wellness products and educational resources.

Its business runs on a headless E-commerce framework supporting over 300 different brands. While the headless aspect provided a lot of flexibility, it did not, in its original iteration, provide the necessary scalability and stability the business needed. The company engaged with Apexon to help address these issues.

The challenge


To meet its needs, the merchant company wanted to build out its B2C and B2B platform UIs using a headless commerce architecture. But it wanted to decouple it from the business logic to allow for faster response to customers.

It also needed to add new features and address critical user needs and reduce site maintenance overhead and costs by standardizing processes and creating operational efficiencies. Lastly, it wanted to empower business users to use the platform and reduce their dependency on IT resources.

The Solution


Apexon worked with the client to help them realize their vision. The first step was evaluating the right underlying technology to support it.

Apexon recommended Magento Enterprise (now Adobe Commerce) for several reasons:

modern, cloud-based architecture

Its modern, cloud-based architecture provided maximum scalability and security

Key functionality

Key functionality including product recommendation engine, quick two-step checkout, responsive themes, and virtually limitless marketplace of certified third-party add-ons

Drag-and-drop content management

Drag-and-drop content management, native B2B & B2E commerce capabilities, and enterprise-grade business intelligence

Apexon re-designed the client’s B2C platform on Magento, using responsive technologies to enable a consistent user experience on desktop and mobile devices. The redesign improved the UX across the entire site and added features using advanced component-based structure of Angular for better performance and modularity.

Other specific solution features included:

Web 2.0 to reduce latency

ES6 JavaScript standards and features of Web 2.0 to reduce latency and make the website responsive and multi-browser compatible

QAS-based address validation on the client side, to increase site speed

Integration of 3rd-party functionality like aisle7 for nutrients and supplements knowledge base, ZenDesk for customer support, and QAS-based address validation on the client side, to increase site speed

Content Security Policy (CSP)

Content Security Policy (CSP) to counter API manipulation or threat/attacks protection

Apexon also worked with client business teams to streamline release processes, document system capabilities and provide support for the B2B platform.


With Apexon, this multinational travel company has transformed the commerce and support experience for suppliers, agents and travelers. Key outcomes of the engagement include:

A responsive B2C platform

A responsive B2C platform on targeted launch date

29% reduction in page load times during peak periods

A 29% reduction in page load times during peak periods (an additional 50% active users)

An improved B2B platform providing better customer experience

An improved B2B platform providing better customer experience and reduced customer service dependency