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US Multinational Accelerates Testing Cycles by 60%

test automation solution to validate device compatibility

With emerging technologies rapidly gaining ground in the communications sector, the communications software applications market is expected to reach $11.4 billion by 2024.

The customer, an American multinational tech giant with a communication software userbase of 115 million, wanted to validate physical device compatibility for the collaboration platform whilst retaining a seamless end-user experience.

The challenge

3 key areas

An in-depth analysis of the customer’s existing processes revealed various challenges like:

Reduced Growth

Physical Device Compatibility Validating physical device compatibility across 15 device models for every major and minor software version changes

Inadequate Engagement

Increased Validation Requests Rapidly expanding set of device models and variants across which the validation had to be executed

Inadequate Engagement

Limited Turnaround Time Limited turnaround time for testing due to aggressive time-to-market

The Solution

4 key areas

To tackle the challenges at hand, Apexon developed an automated solution using an open-source Robot Framework which included:

Multiple Testing Device configuration

Multiple Testing Device configuration testing using Python so that multiple models and variants could be tested using the same scripts

User-friendly logging

User-friendly Logging User-friendly logging to ensure easy maintenance and debugging

Parallel execution

Parallel Execution Parallel execution so that multiple device sets could be tested simultaneously

Integrating the automation solution to Azure pipeline

Integrated Automation Integrating the automation solution to Azure pipeline for unattended overnight execution