Apexon COMPASS™ Introduction – Intelligence at the Core

Data-driven insights & real-time visibility to enable faster, smarter software

Managing the status of all the software development projects in-house can be a monumental task.

Do you have a consolidated view of the status of all your development deliverables?

What’s required to get an update on individual projects?

What’s the status of code quality and compliance?

How will the required fixes impact delivery timelines?

Which projects require escalation?

Where will you need additional resources to address problems?

Which resources are available to deploy to those projects?

Do you have access to the real-time and actionable information you need?

Introducing Apexon COMPASS – a new way to capture and incorporate continuous data and intelligence across the development lifecycle to provide a comprehensive, real-time view into how resources are performing and the impact on key business, process and people KPIs.

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