UX Research-as-a-Service

Get actionable insights to help create exceptional user experiences

UX Research
At the core of great UX is a clear understanding of who the user is & what they truly need & want from their experience

The Challenge


Those expectations apply before, during and after product or service launch. This translates from the movement of discovery and consideration, all the way through post-purchase and product use.

Yet, the biggest reason companies fail is because they do not have a clear and up-to-date understanding of their customers and users:

  • User personas – which are the most important customer/user segments for the product or service?
  • User needs – how and what do they need to be fully satisfied; what problems are they trying to solve?
  • User journeys – what are the different reasons they engage with the product or service?
  • User moments of truth – what are the users’ most important decision-making points along the way?

What we do

Apexon Research-as-a-Service is focused on discovery with an emphasis on delivering actionable insights and results.

Our approach typically includes:

Behavioral research and insights

Behavioral research and insights

Primary/secondary research and analysis

Primary/secondary research and analysis

A/B testing and analysis

A/B testing and analysis

UX Mapping

UX Mapping: Ecosystem, Empathy, User Journey, Service Blueprinting

AI UX Reaearch

Deep-dive qualitative research paired with deep data AI-led quantitative Insights for customer and industry insights and findings

Our Offering

Apexon UX Research-as-a-Service

UX Strategy & Insight Mapping
UX Strategy & Insight Mapping

We bridge the gaps between Discovery and Design with insightful solution definition activities, including:

  • Foundational system information architecture based on user insights
  • Sequence diagrams, user flows, empathy, customer journey, experience, and ecosystem maps
  • Mission critical “Sprint 0” user-centric experience requirements and foundational solution wireframing

Actionable Research
Actionable Research

Our initiatives deliver actionable results via activities such as:

  • Definition of market users and landscape
  • Recruitment and interviewing of subject specialists, target users
  • Targeted competitive analysis
  • Heuristics evaluation of current product or prototypes


Service blueprints complement our user journey maps and layer the various service components of people, technology, and processes. They provide a data-driven understanding of the current product based on market and user research, as well as KPI and analytics reviews.


Deep insights into user needs & wants

Apexon’s UX Research-as-a-Service provides actionable insights that can be incorporated into UX design and execution. As a result, businesses can drive more efficient design and development cycles, increase user satisfaction and retention, and improve overall organizational performance.

Specific results include:

Clearer design direction
Clearer design direction

By reducing design errors and redundant development; and building on scalable foundations

More effective collaboration
More effective collaboration

Based on a shared understanding of design requirements

Increased innovation
Increased innovation

As a result of a clearer understanding of user journeys

Accelerated cycle time
Accelerated cycle time

As a result of defined design direction

Our methodology

how we do it

Why Apexon

Apexon combines a global team of highly trained UI/UX professionals with the latest methodologies to deliver breakthrough user experiences at scale. We offer:

Individual ownership of all deliverables with support from entire team

Individual ownership of all deliverables with support from entire team

A culture and passion for continuous learning and collaboration

A culture and passion for continuous learning and collaboration

A full-service design studio

A full-service design studio capability across the globe

A well-informed point of view that leads conversations

A well-informed point of view that leads conversations in what comes next in UX research, design and innovation

Collaboration across our business and our clients

Collaboration across our business and our clients to identify new ways of thinking and working

The philosophy behind our approach is simple:
Focus on

Because technology is always evolving, we design for people. Our human-centered focus means we provide technology solutions that people want to use


We prioritize users and their journeys over any technology constraints


We combine design thinking with direct collaboration with our engineering and data experts to accelerate learning, mitigate risks, and drive innovation


Great customer experiences are continuous – they grow and evolve with the customer before, during, and after product/service use

“The Infostretch team has been able to adapt, respond, support us and keep us on track all along the way. Their collaborative nature and our ability to tap into their expertise, their understanding of the space, and their experience with other customers has been invaluable.”
Steve Landry
COO & Global Head of Technology
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“You get more from Apexon than others - they bring thought leadership, collaboration, flexibility.”

Ken O’Brien, CIO
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