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UX Workshops
A great UX workshop is like a master class in empathy. It helps teams understand the needs and wants of their users so they can create solutions that truly meet those needs

UX Design Workshops
The Challenge


User expectations for products and services have never been higher. They seek out businesses and brands than can deliver personalized and seamless experiences that evolve with their needs. That requires fully understanding users across a continuous cycle of engagement. Businesses that effectively do this can create meaningful differentiation and drive dramatic improvements in business performance.

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What we do

UX Workshops

Apexon’s UX workshops provide a collaborative and action-oriented environment to help cross-functional teams better understand the real needs and wants of users and create solutions that truly meet those needs. The workshops are facilitated by skilled and unbiased design-thinking professionals using planned activities to advance your agenda and focus on finding solutions in the most cost-effective and efficient way.

Our Offering


Our end-to-end UX workshop services include:


UX Discovery workshops provide the insights needed to create and design products that meet the needs of your customers and elevate the human experience. They align your team’s understanding of user’s needs and pain points with your product and business goals.

Our UX experts will facilitate productive and non-biased discussion with you and your key stakeholders through engaging team-building activities. By the end of the workshop your organization will have a better idea of how to scope and plan for your next project.


Apexon’s UX Empathy workshops help your team better understand and connect with your users, which is essential for creating effective and user-centered products or services. Insights gained in the workshop will inform the design and development of your product or service to help ensure it meets the needs of customers.

At the end of the workshop, not only will your team align on what problems need to be solved, they will also better understand how they can collaborate during the development process to achieve the desired goals.

Design & Ideation
Design & Ideation

UX Design & Ideation workshops improve your development process by broadening your team’s perspective and integrating design thinking as part of your team culture going forward. The workshops bring your team together to generate and explore a wide range of potential solutions early in the design process. Our UX experts will help your team narrow down the ideas that make sense for your organization’s time and budget.

As a result, teams come away with more innovative and effective solutions that include well-defined problem statements, information architecture, wireframes and prototypes, and a backlog of user stories. The workshops also encourage collaboration and cross-functional teamwork, leading to stronger buy-in and ownership among the product team.


Apexon’s UX Prioritization workshops bring together different product stakeholders to identify the most pressing problems to solve and ensure the team is focused on the issues that will have the greatest impact on user experience. These workshops are ideal for those involved in the project planning process.

At the end of the workshop, your team will have a clear understanding of the users’ needs and priorities to guide the development process and ensure the project stays on track and meets its goals and objectives.


UX Evaluation/Validation workshops identify and confirm key pain points and opportunities for enhancement that align with your product’s vision. Validating designs before they go to development reduces potential usability issues and increases the likelihood that designs will meet your user needs.

At the end of the workshop, your team will have clear recommendations for improvements, and how you can move forward in your development process.


More informed UX initiatives that drive better business results

Apexon’s UX workshops deliver more than just a set of wireframes or design mockups. They create a shared understanding and vision for the product or service that everyone on the team can rally around. As a result, you will improve organizational productivity, increase sales and achieve new levels of customer satisfaction.

Specific workshop results for participants and cross-functional teams include:

Increased clarity
Increased clarity

A better understanding of the feature or project and its direction.

Skill building
Skill building

In problem-solving and decision-making abilities

Increased collaboration
Increased collaboration

Improved ability to work together and collaborate as a team after the workshop

Increased innovation
Increased innovation

Better ideas and solutions to address specific challenges and opportunities

Communication & community
Communication & community

Improved communication skills and a sense of belonging to a community after the workshop

Communication & community
Effective application

Ability to apply the knowledge and skills they learn in the workshop to real-world scenarios


More commitment to achieving the goals and objectives of the workshop

Our methodology

how we do it

Why Apexon

We’re customer obsessed. We’re business smart. We’re brand savvy. We use data and measurable results as the foundation for all our decision making. We craft experiences and solutions that deliver results.

Our UX Workshop approach is built around five core foundations:

plan of action on specific challenges and opportunities
Plans of Action

We drive the development of a clear plan of action focused on specific challenges and opportunities. Those plans are by definition readably implement-able and achievable.

client partnership
Client Partnership

Our engagements are built around a strong connection and relationship with our client partners.

teamwork and collaboration
Teamwork & Collaboration

Our ability to strengthen the collaboration and teamwork in your product organization is based on our own proven abilities internally at Apexon.

UX Workshops equity
Workshop Equity

We consider the unique needs of your business, customers and technology to ensure that everyone is heard and that solutions meet the needs of all stakeholders. This creates an important sense of inclusivity and equity for participants.

transform your brainstorming and learnings into actionable processes and frameworks
Actionable Ideation

We transform your brainstorming and learnings into actionable processes and frameworks.

“The Infostretch team has been able to adapt, respond, support us and keep us on track all along the way. Their collaborative nature and our ability to tap into their expertise, their understanding of the space, and their experience with other customers has been invaluable.”
Steve Landry
COO & Global Head of Technology
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“You get more from Apexon than others - they bring thought leadership, collaboration, flexibility.”

Ken O’Brien, CIO
Fortune 500 Global Provider of Business Services