Arpan Sheth

Senior Partner
Arpan is a Senior Partner with Bain and Company – his professional passion centers around helping organizations (large and small; old and young) serve their customers (consumers and businesses) better than anyone else leveraging today’s technologies and capabilities.

Arpan Sheth is a respected Digital Transformation expert, known for delivering successful digital change programs globally.

Arpan leads Bain’s Technology, Analytic and Digital Practice in Asia Pacific and helped establish Bain’s Digital practice in Asia Pacific with teams across Asia.

He assisted in conceptualizing and setting up Bain’s ADAPT (Digital Design and Development Lab) team in Delhi and Bain’s Analytic Hub in Bangalore (in process). Arpan also leads Bain’s Digital Ecosystem Development in APAC.

Arpan is a partner with leading firms to drive digitally enabled change programs – ranging from digital transformations of incumbents to engagements with Digital Insurgents.

For investors, he has lead multiple (250+) commercial due diligences into digital platform companies ranging from ride-hailing to marketplaces to collaboration software to shared accommodations to digital payments.

He is an active investor in start-up ecosystem with a portfolio of 20 investments and in his down time, Arpan serves on the boards of a few non-profit organizations.

Arpan has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Virginia and an MBA from The Darden School, University of Virginia.