Accelerate Cycle Times & Beat the Competition with Cloud Native Continuous Delivery

Accelerate Cycle Times & Beat the Competition with Cloud Native Continuous Delivery

Continuous delivery has become fundamental to business agility in the digital age. Accelerating release cycles enables organizations to meet increasing customer demand, respond to market forces faster and unlock significant savings across the whole development lifecycle. By contrast, companies that don’t implement continuous delivery face higher operational costs, slower time to market and less satisfied customers.

Choosing cloud native continuous delivery

As companies increasingly embrace digital, cloud adoption is necessarily part of that journey. There is some ambiguity when people talk about the cloud. Phrases like “on the cloud”, “in the cloud” and “the journey to the cloud” can mean varying degrees of cloud adoption to different people. Let me be clear from the start. When it comes to software development and delivery that can keep pace and compete in the digital world, going cloud native is the only answer. By that, we mean nothing short of building, deploying and operating on all-cloud platforms. Embracing cloud native is the way to achieve maximum speed, agility, and efficiency in DevOps.

So why isn’t everyone already cloud native?!

Cloud native development and delivery does introduce a whole new set of variables into your development lifecycle, and with that comes potential disruptions and vulnerabilities at various points of your software development and operations environment.

Until recently, challenges have included ensuring proper orchestration or maintaining and scaling internal infrastructure and deal, both of which divert resources away from delivering software reliably and ensuring great user experience. For many teams, this meant a sensible trade-off for existing applications has been to develop with the usual tools while hosting and accessing resources in the cloud.

That’s now changing, meaning it’s an exciting time for organizations that are serious about moving at the pace of digital demands.

Tool up for cloud native continuous delivery

We’re fortunate that the tools now exist to fit any and all architectures, however complex, however closely or loosely coupled and whatever the underlying characteristics of the legacy infrastructure. Whether you’re debating pipeline options, unsure which container orchestration tool will work best or deciding how to automate, the right architecture choices for your business are out there and Apexon can help you take full advantage. We can leverage our experience as a Microsoft Azure Development Partner or AWS Consulting Partner, as well as having extensive, hands-on experience of the leading CI/CD tools: Jenkins, Bamboo, Git Hub, QMetry, Atlassian, Maven, Selenium, Perfecto, VMWare, Kubernetes, Docker, Grafana, Prometheus – the list goes on.

Once an organization has the right tools for the job across the whole of the software development lifecycle, it can start putting cloud native continuous delivery to work. The results really do speak for themselves. For example, take a look at how a digital healthcare company that worked with Apexon cut cycle times by 40%.

Say hello to increased speed and agility

If you’re interested in taking the next step to all-cloud development and delivery and you’ve researched the tools that will fit your requirements, but you have concerns over how long the shift to cloud native CI/CD will take, let me provide some reassurance. It can take as little as seven to eight weeks. Apexon has worked with dozens of customers through our specialized CI/CD Jumpstart program to get their continuous improvement initiative in place in less than two months.

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