Interview Series: Tete a Tete with Rutesh Shah on His Journey From There to Here … Part 2

Q: How does Apexon’s business model demonstrate capacity for creativity and innovation?

A; Innovate or die, is my mantra. As a technology company, we have to ensure that we are continuously evolving. We moved from desktop to mobile and cloud computing. Who knows what’s coming? But what’s important is that you have an adaptable business model with capacity to scale. And every innovation needs to be disruptive. Technology should be ready to threaten the status quo and at Apexon, we approach every innovation with this mentality.

Q: Can you highlight some of your key differentiators?

The biggest differentiator being our enabling technology which helps us to create custom testing solutions for each of our customers based on their industry and their requirements. We have a huge repository of test cases which has been created over the years and can be applied to a customer’s project. We are one of the first companies to establish a full blown cloud infrastructure and host our real devices in the cloud for an application to be remotely tested. Our customers have access to the test results almost instantly through our dashboards.

Q: What is your vision of the future? Where do you see Apexon going?

A:We are going to continue our focus on mobile testing and development efforts in the US. But the plan is to go global in the next couple of years, so we will put significant energy to expand to Europe and Australia as well. We also plan to make mobile sustenance a big part of our service offering. Sustenance comes after development and testing to do upgrades, patches and other support. We will continue to innovate new technology IP to support our solutions across key verticals such as banking, healthcare, retail and travel.

Q: What kind of company culture are you building at Apexon? Are you promoting corporate social responsibility?

You cannot inspire, unless you’re inspired yourself.” I am passionate – not just about the business, but  what it means  to its customers and employees. I try to instill this passion and the spirit of the Spartan among my employees a.k.a Apexer. The importance of building and creating relationships with people and having the compassion to listen to the needs of others has been instilled in me since his childhood. Employees are the breath of life that enable a business to become something more than an idea. My philosophy of making every employee a part of the leadership process has made Apexon go a long way according to me.

Apexon continually strikes a balance between profitability and social conscience. Whether it’s taking care of the underserved children or old people in the retired homes; whether it’s the mission to raise awareness about breast cancer and men’s health issues or donating blood to those in need, Apexon has always been on the forefront. Whether its collecting barrels of food for the less privileged as part of second food harvest or building eco-friendly homes for the less fortunate, Apexon has been on the forefront. I have tried to   instill a vision of transparency and high standards within my organization. My commitment to bring people together, inspire change and make a difference in people’s lives has kept me going.

Here’s the link to our company culture video: We make workplace feel like a second home!


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