Test Maturity Model:Where does your organization stand?

I would start with a short introduction to Test Maturity Model(TMM).It’s developed by TMMi foundation with the purpose of identifing maturity of testing organizations and fill a gap in testing community of a globally accepted model to assess health of your testing organizations.People familiar with CMM will notice it’s close alignment.

Among other things,it promises the following(from a TMM Model white paper)

  • Increase the long term success of a project and long term health of organization
  • Stabilize the development lifecycle
  • Reduce software development risk
  • Focus creativity on right areas
  • Etc

So on it’s face value it does promise a lot for your organization,but how would you determine where does your organization stand? Apexon has a unique take on Test Maturity Model with some value additions to the existing model and best practices around it.So What are the steps to determine your TMM Level


Step 1:Prepare for assesment

Step 2:Conduct the assesment

Step 3:Document the findings


Analyze the findings and perform the baseline


Identify gaps and propose short term plans

Identify gaps and propose long term plans


Define on-going measurement goals


Propose final recommendations and roll out action plan.

I will try go in detail for each of this,that should be series of interesting posts.In meantime it would be interesting to know if TMM is gaining acceptance in the testing community and are we seriously going to move towards a testing maturity framework or it will again fall wayside.Only time can tell:)

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