The (New) State of Mobile Testing Pt. 2

Testing has become a multiplayer ecosystem offering services at varied levels, and as a result it has become heavily commoditized. Understanding the high level picture and domain specific needs for individual enterprises is important. The value proposition that a service provider offers in such an ecosystem is huge. Service provider companies understand enterprise grade needs and requirements have developed the requisite technology as a turnkey solution. Service providers are uniquely positioned to deliver mobile testing technology to reduce the time to market for your application. Enterprise grade offerings such as test management products, automation products and manual mobile testing products are amongst many by an experienced service provider.

Global enterprises have a distinct set of needs and as a result, an expert approach is nonnegotiable. A service provider has a store of readymade industry standard test case repositories for a variety of verticals including but not limited to mobile banking, hospitality and health care. This expertise includes framework driven approach, proven and validated best practices across all types of testing from unit to system level. More specifically this can include, performance, security, nonfunctional, functional, language and usability testing. This includes taking the worry of working with multiple app stores with independent validation and certification needs off the plate of the enterprise. Platform agnostic testing across multiple geographies is necessary for global enterprises.

In addition to that, strong partnerships with leading cloud platform companies to create virtual private cloud engagements are another way that service providers are able to customize solutions for enterprises. A strong partner ecosystem across technology and services, including system integrators, open source tool integrators and technology providers make a service provide both powerful and unique.

At the end of the day, time to market for your application is of utmost importance. As it is the first priority of service providers to report on quality assurance, you’ll be able to report back to your team with confidence in your application and take it to market!


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