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Automate More of Your Test/QA
Environment with Visual Validation
Applitools offers a next generation visual testing

Applitools offers a next generation visual testing and automation engine that integrates easily with existing testing and QA tools and rapidly identifies issues with GUI appearance across browsers and devices; all while maintaining automated maintenance of tests.

Apexon has developed expertise with the Applitools engine and can ensure you get full value from it – on your own, or with our assistance – as part of your Quality Engineering (QE) and DevOps initiatives.

Together, Apexon and Applitools make your Test and QA processes easier and more complete while delivering big benefits. You get new apps and services to market faster and with more confidence, knowing that all of your app’s visual elements are validated.

Apexon & applitools

Automated visual testing

Applitools uses intelligent automation to solve this problem and Apexon can help you take full advantage of the Applitools engine to identify and remedy these issues in much less time.

automated visual testing
single command Validation
Validate the content, data, layout and appearance of all UI elements with a single command
single command Validation
Validate the visual aspects
Validation on all platforms of the visual aspects of your application/website UI
functional testing
Cover functional testing of all the data that is visible through the UI
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The Benefits
to you

As release cycles continue to get shorter and shorter, assuring mobile app quality from the start becomes more and more critical to company success.

But the development process is fraught with potential problems. Making changes to digital applications can create all kinds of UI issues for users on different devices, operating systems and in different regions. Whether it’s formatting, alignment, screen resolution, action button location/access, or page load times, there are an infinite number of cause/effect variables that are very difficult to sort through and identify. It’s a very manual and time-intensive process that is prone to human error.

Working together

Get the most out of the Applitools engine

Enable users to deliver a higher quality digital product or service in market, in less time, at a reduced cost.

For existing Applitools customers, Apexon brings deep expertise in test automation and QA to help ensure you get the greatest value from the tool and to integrate it more fully into your continuous integration and development efforts.

For non-Applitools users, Apexon has ready access to, and expertise with, the tools to help you determine its fit and how it can help you accelerate your cycle time, increase the level of automation in your QA process, and reduce your quality issues.

Apexon offers complete Applitools implementation services for those companies that need it. We are also fully certified to train customers on how to best use the tool on their own. In either case, we can help you build a solid foundation for your digital future and help you get more value out of the tool.

Reduction in Time Spent on Manual Visual QA
Reduction in Visual Testing Coding Efforts
Improvement in Test Automation Coverage Across Browsers & Devices
Increase in Capture of Regressions & UI Bugs Pre-Release