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Extending Legacy Life Cycle

Extending Legacy Life Cycle

Implementing a new EAI Framework


A large logistics company was relying on outdated legacy system applications, which were unable to handle the massive amount of customer data used to manage and facilitate global wide freight shipments.


Apexon was brought in to identify potential solutions, without drastically altering the current system in place. The first step was to integrate a new EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) framework, which allowed for more flexible consolidation of existing systems and applications.


The results were a reduced time to market and key legacy applications life cycle was extended substantially. The new EAI framework improved the overall functionality of the client’s distribution center by providing data and command conversions between applications; streamlining and simplifying the process at every level.

The EAI framework functions as a central distribution center; providing data and command conversions between applications. It monitors and manages integrations, configures new integrations, and facilitates reporting and controlling integration operations at multiple levels.

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