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Getting the Omni – Channel Strategy Right!

Thanks to the rapid adoption of smartphones and tablets, the flexibility to shop however, whenever and wherever is increasingly becoming the way consumers around the world are shopping. This evolving nature of buying has given birth to a new trend called Omni-channel experience. So what is this trend?  It is providing an optimized, personalized and intelligent mobile shopping experience across many different channels — PC, tablet, mobile or in-store

Why do Shoppers Love Omni-Channel Experience

Why won’t they? Having the right information and tools at the right time helps them make good shopping decisions. Getting store pricing, discounts, promotions, delivery and inventory information as well as all the other vital information at their fingertips makes their life so much easier!

How Can You Implement Omni-Channel Experience?

a)           Understanding  your customers

Omni-channel is all about the putting customer first.   Retailers must understand who their customers are, where they are, and how their life is changing. Customers should always be at the center of retailers’ strategy and implementation.

b)           Enhancing experience with information

Information is critical. As the consumer behavior changes inside each channel and across channels, it is important for retailers to get insight on their behavior by using integrated data and analytics. This data can then be leveraged to provide personalized recommendations. The more a retailer knows about its customers, the more it’ll be able to provide personal, more consistent, more satisfying and more differentiating customer experiences.

c)             Being consistent

Today, customers see the store as a single, transparent system rather than multiple channels and it expects to be treated the same way in every single store and channel across the organization.  Therefore retailers must keep their message and brand experience same throughout each stage of customer engagement. Failure to do so can result in confusion, dissatisfaction and loss of business.

d)           Being Adaptable

Last, but not the least. As retailers watch and respond to their customers, they should be prepared to try new things. Retailers must test emerging opportunities to keep themselves aligned to the ever changing market and simultaneously increase customer acquisition, improve conversion, and ensure retention.

Omni- channel is becoming omnipresent. The longer brands wait to start on an Omni-Channel journey the further behind they will be in terms of customer experience.  Capitalize on this ubiquity and help take your company to the next level before it is too late.

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