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Global Investment Bank Expands Delivery Value with Agile Practices

Global Investment Bank Expands Delivery Value with Agile Practices


A multinational investment bank embarked upon a new journey to enter the consumer banking industry by creating a customized app. This process proved to be challenging due to a fragmented development process and gaps amongst the service delivery team.


The investment bank and financial services company spent years developing a digital product with a goal of making it very easy for the consumer banker to apply for loans. Specifically, the product offers debt consolidation loans to those with good credit scores, while making it as transparent as possible.

They were struggling to maintain a consistent delivery process, making it evident that implementing a process where uncertainty can be managed and better results can be produced for their clients.


Apexon was brought in to streamline the development process of the app by implementing the agile method across all teams in the US, India, and UK.

Agile is crucial in this environment in order to develop timely and successful apps. Apexon implemented standard agile sprint activities with the client, including: daily stand-ups, sprint planning, sprint demos, retrospectives and continuous grooming.


Team predictability increased from 55-60% to 80-100%

Due to the implementation of agile, teams were able to keep delivery promises, increase the quality of deliverables through continuous improvement, cope better with change, improve communication across functional business units, respond effectively to user feedback through software development, and ultimately deliver value sooner.

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