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HTML5 a Big Buzzword for Enterprises – But What Does It Really Mean?

There is an undeniable drive behind HTML5 as a mode of making mobile apps. Yet many enterprises and consumers still don’t understand what it means or how it can benefit them. So let’s see what it actually means.

An HTML5 app is housed on the Web and runs inside a mobile browser. Unlike native apps that are built using the device’s native programming language, and only run on their designated platform — such as Android apps only run on Android and not on any other device and vice-versa.

What can HTML5 do for your Enterprise?

  1. Reduce cross —platform deployment costs: HTML5 enables developers to leverage their existing code base for multiple platforms, instead of having to create a version for each one from scratch. The idea is “write once and Run Anywhere”. The costs are reduced to great levels as you no longer need a unique code base for each platform.
  1. Deliver immediate updates and distribution control: HTML5 is web based and can be easily updated as compared to native apps. It doesn’t require any app store approval process — that means HTML5 allows you to market your applications directly from your website instead of any app store. You can easily target the customers through direct marketing by providing the customers with the facility of downloading the apps from your website.
  1. Provide possibilities of responsive design: HTML5 canvas APIs has the ability to dynamically create vector based graphics, this allows enterprises to create rich, interactive experiences online within any browser and on any device that supports HTML5.
  1. Easily available expertise: The biggest advantage is that there is expertise of the programmers and developers available for HTML5. It is built around the simplest sets of programming languages. It’s the natural progression to use it across all web devices, not just mobile devices.

Last, but not the least it’s the future! Enterprises should waste no time and start using it now so they don’t get left behind. HTML5 apps are growing fast. And as a result, there is more adoption which has opened a world of possibilities for the future of mobile, thereby leading to the development of truly innovative, creative, user friendly cross platform web applications.

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